Applying blockchain technology is the future of global employment, helping organisations to comply with privacy rules and providing transparency to business workflows.

Employing workers all over the world can be challenging and complex; many companies struggle to expand globally in a rapid and efficient way in the face of fierce competition and demand. Even large companies like Google, Facebook and Linkedin have budgets in place for global hires and must constantly evolve to retain and increase their market share. …

Some very interesting projects have come our way at Plazus and one that I will be presenting at blockchain expo in London is about:

Sharing economy using blockchain technology in universities and unions in Mexico.

Our client has large universities and unions signed up to the project to allow for students to get paid their scholarships and union workers to get their salaries with their digital coins and exchange goods and services in their own marketplace.

They have 7–8 million users who will be on boarded onto this new marketplace.

The peer-to-peer and decentralized nature of blockchain allows us to…

A Hirshfeld drawing of the diverse celebrities who performed at the LBJ Inaugural Gala.

Why rely only on traditional advertisement when you can use the power of the people to boost your online campaign?

In todays censored world, we rely on traditional advertising to promote our brand but we have zero control on how exactly it is done. what algorithms are used to promote your ad?, what exact number of user engagement do you get and most importantly how do users get converted into buyers?

A good example of how the big giants control our online destiny can be seen with the ban on crypto and blockchain related ads by Google and Facebook. But even when you look are non crypto related brands, paying for traditional advertisement does not always guarantee you with exact

The life of an ICO’r

Crypto swimming

The good the bad and the ugly of my recent Asia and SF tour. an intense 3.5 weeks of meeting tones of people, interesting other ICO’rs and the launch of our test net in a private event with the EOS community.

As we are getting more momentum and interest from the community, we still do not talk about the public ICO {yet}. we talk about the project and doing it in the right way, trying to navigate in this crazy crypto world will help the last man (woman ;) standing in the bloody crypto war and win the game.


illustration by carrie neumayer.

Fame, FOMO and What’s in Between

OMG Galya you look so happy successful and content with life. my reaction: WHAT!? so I did a TEDx, (quite big with some media coverage and mostly good reviews, except the nastyMDF$@ out there hiding behind their screens)but when I did that in 2016 I was going through the loss of my brother, starting a new relationship and incorporating yet another company. I was to say the least, stressed. Being an entrepreneur consistently thinking about the next deal, juggling 10,000 things at once and trying to prepare a TED level speech is a lot. …

Why building DIY tools is good for the world.

Yeh I have a crush on developers, I love them I respect them I was once one of them (still hold my software engineer degree) but even though it is true love I’ve always believed in giving the power back to the people and freeing them from developers, companies and dependencies.

What do I mean by that?

Well, ever since I worked for Dominion (back in the days of employment) I’ve been experimenting with B2B products then when the business opportunity came to build that to many customers (building 2Galvanize as a service company), I then took it and with…

Plazustribes is an exciting project, it’s our baby and like every proud parents, we think the baby is beautiful. I think the baby is premature and it’s feeding now to become something that can be exposed to the glorious ICO sun we are about to do.

I have been meeting with venture capitalist, angels, entrepreneurs and blockchain ehnthusiastics like myself and it seems the world of ICOs is divided into two:

The ones that say, take that raw baby and expose the sh#$t out of it and promote promote to raise funds.

The others that say, stay underground until you…

article written by Matt Lockyer, Plazus advisor.

“Social mobility is defined as the movement of individuals, families, households, or other categories of people within or between layers or tiers in an open system of social stratification. Open stratification systems are those in which at least some value is given to achieved status characteristics in a society.”

Since the dawn of the internet we’ve gathered online based on our common interests. Early forums for cars, animals, cooking and other topics of entertainment and values sprung up almost instantly. As members became more active on these forums, they earned special privileges, making their way to becoming an admin. Admins…

We named him OSHO and he is a little cutie-patootie BOT that once you interact with, he will make you fall in love with him as he builds you your secret app.

Hi! Galya here again…today I wanted to share that our next release for Plazus will include an AI BOT that will make you a secret app in 3 minutes (to be exact).

Top 3 Bot Tutorials

1. How to Make a Facebook Messenger Chatbot in 1Hr

2. Introduction to API.AI

3. AWS setup for Deep Learning

What is Plazus? it’s a tool that allows you to create your own private communication channel

Technology Smart Design

Why Smart Design is Important and how to achieve it

Why should you care?

Cause a lot of startups (with limited funds) waste their time in development of an improperly specced product that fails in the market.

My previous article talked about how to hack your startup idea and so I thought a good next article before we dive into MVP’ing the shit out of your product, is to talk about smart product planning to reduce product performance failing.

Some starting entrepreneurs are not always technical and that is okay. It’s hard to learn how to code and it is also hard to learn what is good design or even…

PlazusTribes- Galya Westler, CEO

Product ninja workaholic, inventing technology solutions giving power to the people, ex career climber and a current tech entrepreneur & public speaker.

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