Saving Energy Can Maximize Profit From Your Pleasanton Home for Sale

Saving Energy Can Maximize Profit From Your Pleasanton Home for Sale

During the colder winter months, many people turn up the heat in their Pleasanton homes for sale. Saving on energy costs and cutting back on unnecessary energy usage is a great way to keep more money in your pocket and maximize the profits from your Pleasanton home for sale

Here are some more energy-saving and less costly ways to beat the cold and save between 5 and 30% on energy bills this winter:

1. Let the sunshine in. Open the curtains in the morning to naturally heat your home for sale in Pleasanton for free. You can close them again when the sun sets to help insulate your home. Open drapes on south-facing windows to let in more sunlight.

2. Use ENERGY STAR® Windows. If you are planning to replace the windows of your Pleasanton home for sale, use ENERGY STAR® windows which can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 15%.

3. Seal up leaks. In an average Pleasanton CA home, leaking ductwork takes up between 25% to 30% of heating costs. You can hire a contractor to test the tightness of your home’s ducts, pipes and electrical conduits and repair any leaks. Check your doors and windows and add caulking or weather stripping around leaks. Caulk works best on small gaps. For larger gaps, check with your local hardware store.

4. Choose ENERGY STAR® appliances and products. Replace incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR® compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use 75% less energy. An ENERGY STAR® refrigerator consumes about 20% less energy than a standard new refrigerator, and 46% less than refrigerators made in 1980. A new ENERGY STAR® washing machine uses about 50% less energy than a standard washer.

5. Replace or clean furnace filters. Dirty filters restrict airflow and increases energy use. Keeping your furnace clean, properly adjusted, and lubricated will reduce energy use and can save up to 5% of heating costs. Replace your furnace filter once a month.

6. Reduce the temperature of the water heater. Turn down the temperature of your water heater to the “warm” or “normal” setting (120 °F), unless the your dishwasher requires a higher setting. This step can save you 7% to 11% percent of water heating costs.

7. Wrap the hot water tank with jacket insulation.

8. Turn down your thermostat to 68 degrees. You can save up to 5% on heating costs for every degree you lower your heat. Turn the thermostat off when leaving home for an extended time. This can save you 5% to 20% of your heating costs.

9. Keep the fireplace damper shut unless a fire is burning.

10. Install low-flow showerheads. If you do not already have them in your Pleasanton CA house for sale, low-flow showerheads and faucets can save you 10% to 16% in water heating costs.

If you get to save 5% to 20% of your energy bills from doing these tips, that’s already enough money to pay for fees and closing costs associated with selling your Pleasanton home for sale or even a downpayment for a new home!

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