God’s Timing is Perfect. Are You Willing to Wait?

God’s Timing is Perfect

The temperature on the back of my neck begins to warm to a slow burn. I begin to pace anxiously while continually checking my watch. My anxiety grows. These are of few of the tangible things that occur when my patience begins to evaporate. However, several years ago, I realized that these feelings were not beneficial to my health. I’m a work in progress in learning to wait and trust God’s timing.

God’s Way is Different

Don’t get me wrong. I still struggle even when it comes to waiting on God’s timing. Sometimes it seems that God continues to put me in situations that will strengthen my “patience muscle.” Thus, giving me the strength and the courage to be willing to wait on His perfect timing and trust His plan.

Faith is for Action

One question we have to ask ourselves is how diligently are we seeking God? During my time when I was forced to wait, I still spent time in God’s word searching the scriptures. My physical pain subsides when I spend time reading my bible and praying.

Benefits of Waiting on God’s Timing

Instead of sharing all the details as I approach publishing my next book. I’m going to share with you some promises of God from His infallible word. Then ask yourself the question, are you willing to wait on God’s timing in EVERY situation?



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Christian that loves Jesus. Stroke Survivor. Multiple Award-winning author. Child of God. Seeking to inspire and draw people closer to Christ.