What Happened: She was human.

Trevor Noah says what we are all thinking…

2016 should have been a slam dunk for Hillary Clinton. She started off with the unquestioning loyalty of most of the establishment democrats. Obama told Biden not to run against her, everything looked on track to anoint her as Queen of the Democrats.

Then Bernie Sanders happened. A lot of people stop there and say it’s all his fault. He dared to stand against the will of the powerful and that was just unacceptable.

For a moment though, let’s rewind time and go back to the start of the race. If Hillary had listened to Bernie, listened to the issues he brought up and adopted them she would have easily won both the primary and the presidency.

So why didn’t she? Why was she so resistant to a platform based on the most popular policy ideas in America?

What she will never admit, what she can’t admit, is that she wasn’t allowed to.

Yes, she was in the same 1% club as the people who want massive tax cuts and endless war, that was no small part of it. She was at best Republican-lite in her beliefs but I have to wonder, why didn’t lie?

She lied all the time about other things but she never just said she agreed with Bernie and promised to adopt his plans. The one lie that would have let her win the White House and she wouldn’t say it.

It wasn’t because those plans wouldn’t have won. He closed a 60 point lead she had on him in a matter of months. It was considered impossible until he did it.

It wasn’t him, he wasn’t special. As candidates go, he was kind of sad, an old, white, frumpy man who no one would have picked to become a political juggernaut. It wasn’t him, it was the ideas. It was his policies that made him a political rock-star.

The reason she couldn’t even lie, she couldn’t even -pretend- to believe in 15$ an hour was that if she changed her policy stances at all, her own people turned against her.

The 1% club she was part of didn’t want leadership, they wanted unwavering compliance to their wealth agenda.

Her radical feminist followers didn’t want a leader who would reach out to men, they wanted a dominatrix who would crush men under her boot while at the same time crying about how unfair things are and how sexist men are against her. To make them happy she had to be both the most bad-ass woman in history and a victim of a mass misogynist conspiracy.

Her DNC “Friends” wanted her to be the perfect, flawless candidate who never, ever made a mistake. They wanted this so badly that they scripted and controlled her every interaction with the public. They pressured her to be robotic and careful about everything.

They wanted this perfect super-candidate so badly that Donna Brazile sent her the questions to the debate ahead of time so that the DNC could write the perfect, inhuman, fact checked, focus group approved answer to every question.

They wanted the perfect Hillary so badly that they hid her away and limited her exposure to the public allowing them to craft an idealized social-media version of the real woman.

They didn’t want Hillary Clinton, they wanted Hillary-Christ, the flawless woman sent from God to save America.

Time after time the DNC tried marketing instead of letting the real woman speak to the public.

She was mocked for having teeny-tiny rallies in places where no one went while her opponent was packing in 10 to 30 thousand people. Yet the DNC held her back.

If you remember, late in the race she had been pushed so much to do small event after small event where the DNC could control everything and micro-manage her every nuance she got pneumonia.

Everyone knew for weeks something was wrong with her but not one of her so called friends would let her admit she was ill.

For weeks she pushed herself to the limits and often past them but never was she allowed to just tell people she needed to take a week off to recover. Her coughing became so bad that she could barely do events leading to the media wondering what exactly was wrong with her.

Can someone get her a water?

It wasn’t until she literally collapsed on the side of the street that Hillary was finally allowed to be human for an hour and admit that she was sick.

Vertical good! Stay up! Stay up!

If her “friends” had just let her admit the truth from the start, it wouldn’t have damaged her so much. The DNC, her followers and donors, couldn’t accept anything less than total perfection.

Even when she collapsed there were hours of denial saying it was all a big conspiracy theory before a press release was issued explaining what really happened.

Contrary to the DNC’s opinion, people aren’t stupid. They realized what they were offering wasn’t a person, she was a carefully manufactured product and it drove voters away every day.

It got to the point where her only vocal supporters were the very people who believed with an almost religious zealotry in the mythical perfect Hillary.

These are the people I like to call the Hillary Cultists.

With her base shrinking and the DNC in panic behind closed doors they just decided to abandon all pretense of fairness and rig the race.

After setting her up to fail by refusing to admit she ever did anything wrong, by creating a social media idol in her image instead of letting the voters actually know who the real Hillary Clinton was, the final nail in her coffin was DNC fixing the primary in her favor through voter purging and rule manipulation.

At this point the real Hillary Clinton never stood a chance. The carefully crafted, donor approved Hillary-Christ that had been created over the length of the primary was far more powerful than the woman herself could ever be.

She was a prisoner in her own life trying to just power through as everything went sour.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think she’s a warmongering, greedy, corporate whore who would sell her own mother to the private prison system if it would make her a dollar but she could have changed.

She could have grown and adopted better policies if she had been allowed to make her own judgments. It was the people who supported her that didn’t let her.

That is the true tragedy of 2016. We had someone in a position to be one of the greatest leaders the world had ever seen, and she wasn’t allowed live up to that potential because her own allies dehumanized her in favor of a social-media fantasy. The 1% club that she surrounded herself with told her every day to ignore reality, that what everyone was seeing with their own eyes couldn’t possibly be true. They sold her and her supporters a lie that everything was just fine so she never adapted.

At this point you might ask, why? Did they want her to lose? We can’t know for sure but I think it was a combination of arrogance that anyone would be better than Trump and a general lack of care among the consultant class she shared her bubble with. Her friends and family were getting paid, she had the DNC in her pocket, the Media had her back, everything seemed wonderful.

Hillary’s sin was believing her own propaganda.

If you want to see the person responsible for her loss, look at the DNC, look at people like Peter Daou, founder of Verrit the cult like organization trying to keep the religion of Hillary-Christ alive even though the woman herself has said that she doesn’t want to run for office any more.

Look for guilt in the eyes of Joy Ann Reid and the media whores who are paid to push the propaganda of the mythical Hillary-Christ even to this day in spite of the fact that she HATED Hillary the person with deep seething anger in 2008.

2008 Joy would like to remind 2017 Joy she’s a massive sellout.

Look to the people who threw a tantrum when Bernie Sanders was chosen to speak at a women’s conference after Hillary, Kamal Harris and Elizabeth Warren all refused the invitation. These are the people who are dividing the party. These are the people who cost Hillary the election by shielding her from reality. They pushed her Right when the voters were clearly moving Left.

They chained the real Hillary Clinton in shackles of unattainable expectations, gave her bad information, convinced her not to believe her own eyes, and demanded she be flawless every second of every moment.

I’m sure they left her emotionally scarred to this day.

Don’t just blame Bernie, don’t just blame Hillary, blame everyone in power for letting this media-circus of personas become how we choose our governance.

Also realize, those same people are ready make the same mistakes again in 2020 if we don’t say something now.

Because rigging the primary last time worked so well, right?