Plug and Play China Launches Food & Packaging Program in Shanghai

On September 26th, Plug and Play’s Food & Packaging Program hosted their first event in China: The Food and Packaging Roadshow. This event brought together 13 startups from around the world, including seven from the Asia Pacific region, to showcase technologies related to packaging, food safety, ingredient innovation, and retail. There were over 200 attendees, encompassing over 30 of the world’s largest food and packaging companies inclusive of Nestle, The Coca-Cola Company, Pepsico, Tetrapak, Starbucks, Ferrero, Mondelez, WantWant, EcoLab, SIG, Avery Dennison, and many more.

Plug and Play China’s First Food & Packaging Roadshow on Sep 26, 2019.

On September 25th, the group hosted an exclusive board meeting with select corporations to discuss challenges within China’s food and packaging ecosystem and the strategy for tapping into the Asia Pacific landscape. These discussions will shape the technology focus areas for the Food Program, which will launch in April in Shanghai. Among the topics discussed, ingredient innovation relating to sweeteners and proteins, food safety, and sustainable packaging will be central drivers of the program.

Exclusive board meeting with select corporations.

In the opening remarks of the board meeting, Brian Tetrud, Plug and Play’s Global Director for the Food Program, discussed the evolution of the Food Program from its beginnings in 2017: “When we started the Food Program, we aimed to help large Food and Beverage brands tap into the startup ecosystem. Now, we have become that ecosystem and these corporations are tapping into us.” This new program in China will provide increased visibility into the technology innovation scene driving a $700B USD market for food and beverage.

Brian Tetrud, Global Director Food & Beverage, Plug and Play.

Plug and Play’s Food Program currently serves 20 of the world’s largest food and beverage companies by introducing startups that solve specific technology challenges. These introductions are made through events, but more importantly, through tailored deal flow sessions that pinpoint specific pain points that corporates face. These deal flow sessions are the fastest way for corporations to source, pilot, and implement new technologies.

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Founded in 2015, Plug and Play China now has four innovation centers in Beijing Headquarters, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenzhen. We have set up five business sectors, including investment, corporate innovation, startup incubation and acceleration, cross-border innovation and innovation space. We have built a leading innovation platform in China covering both online and offline. Moreover, a multi-dimensional innovative ecological partnership system has been built, including joint innovation of universities and research institutions, governments, venture capitals, innovative ecological researches and cities.

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With over 350 startups and 300 corporate partners in our technology accelerator, we have created the ultimate startup ecosystem.

With over 350 startups and 300 corporate partners in our technology accelerator, we have created the ultimate startup ecosystem.