Travel & Smart Cities startups to address COVID-19 selected by Plug and Play Vienna

Vienna, March 13, 2020 — Plug and Play Vienna announced 16 startups that have been selected for its “Batch 0” after a successful Selection Day in February at Vienna International Airport. Among the startups presenting were innovative technology companies offering COVID-19 crisis management tools.

The corporate partners of Plug and Play Vienna’s two verticals: ’Travel & Hospitality EU’ and ’Smart Cities’ have chosen 8 startups each to continue the path of joint pilot projects between experienced large corporations and visionary, striving startups. In the following months, this innovative tandem will combine the best of both worlds and present their final pilot results at Travel Expo Day in Silicon Valley on May 6 and at Smart Cities Expo Day on May 28 at Vienna International Airport.

“In times of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to provide our partners with innovative and effective solutions to improve operational efficiency, safety and crisis management. Plug and Play continues to be a reliable partner supporting our corporate partners to accelerate their individual problem-solving strategies with the help of highly demanded startup solutions.“
(Benjamin Kloss, Co-Director Plug and Play Austria)

Unlike many traditional accelerator programs, Plug and Play does not take equity as a prerequisite for joining the program and there are no costs for the selected startups. That being said, startups looking for funding find Plug and Play, one of Silicon Valley’s most active Seed and Early Stage investors, consistently investing in 250+ young tech companies per year. The startups will remain part of the global ecosystem even after the program’s Expo Days.

Plug and Play Vienna’s corporate partners include Vienna International Airport, Vienna Insurance Group, Wiener Städtische, Inven Capital, Brussels Airport, Star Alliance, Swissport, and Ontario Airport Investments.

Learn more about the 8 startups participating in the Travel & Hospitality EU program:

1. Bespoke is currently used by the Japanese government to effectively communicate with residents and travelers in Japan to manage the COVID-19 crisis. The chatbot allows travel companies, cities and governments to communicate bi-directionally and provide an effective information channel in multiple languages.

2. Kiana uses WiFi signals from mobile devices and security camera images to monitor customer location and movements in order to provide customer behavior analytics, intelligent alerts, and actionable information. It can be leveraged in the location tracking of people infected with Coronavirus, and the identification of others who have come into close proximity.

3. CosmoTech is a simulation platform modeling systems over the entire value chain. The technology virtually simulates strategic and operational choices to understand their impact before implementation. This allows operational efficiency through predictions to enhance C-level managers’ decision making regarding critical infrastructure, cost calculations and cost savings in the end.

4. Paanini offers an intelligent conversion of unstructured, semi-structured and hand-written data into structured data before automating corresponding processes. With this AI-powered intelligent automation solution, Paanini is solving complex business problems and highly increases efficiency and productivity.

5. CyberX reduces cyber risks, enabling organizations to prevent costly production outages, safety failures, and theft of corporate IP. It addresses the need for stronger industrial security by delivering continuous ICS/SCADA threat monitoring, asset discovery, and threat intelligence.

6. NÜWIEL specializes in clean transportation solutions for last mile delivery. It produces e-powered bicycle trailers for city logistics and urban lifestyle. Thereby, it contributes to the EU 2030 targets of reducing emissions and the UN sustainability development goals.

7. MoonVision offers an automated visual inspection. It has improved the process of generating and applying computer vision models through an optimized customer-facing platform and proprietary efficiency algorithms. Customers get visual inspections solutions faster, in high quality and with little data.

8. Dedrone is an airspace security platform that detects, classifies, and mitigates drone threats. The platform combines hardware sensors and machine-learning software, providing early warning, classification and mitigation against drone threats.

Learn more about the 8 startups participating in the Smart Cities program:

1. Instadeep builds end-to-end artificial intelligence products tackling challenging optimization and automation challenges. Use cases include predictive maintenance using robotics and AI for utility companies, predictive analytics for manufacturing companies and ride sharing optimization for mobility providers highly increasing overall efficiency.

2. Ummadum connects the mobility with the retail market. Users share travels, request rides and receive ummandum-points provided by employers and/or the municipality supporting environment protection measures. These points can be redeemed for shopping at local retailers.

3. 4tiitoo offers a software platform that increases the efficiency and ergonomics at computer workplaces by controlling applications based on user intention — using a combination of eye tracking and AI reducing the daily mouse usage and thus to 4 to 12% higher productivity.

4. AiFi provides a checkout-free solution for retailers and brands. It’s AI-powered autonomous store platform acts as stores’ brain to operate smarter and more efficiently. AiFi-powered autonomous stores are becoming destinations in cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Shanghai.

5. MostlyAI allows the simulation of realistic and representative synthetic data at scale, by automatically learning patterns, structure and variation from existing data. This way it provides as-good-as-real, yet fully anonymous data, that can be freely processed, analyzed and shared.

6. Cloud & Heat is creating a network of green, highly efficient data centers close to the end user, accommodating the computing needs of a distributed digital world, whilst reusing server heat for hot water and heating.

7. FairFleet offers drone as a service and covers the entire value chain of drone services focusing on the inspection of properties and infrastructures using latest sensor technology and smart analytics to generate useful and actionable insights.

8. Phion developed a free space wireless charging technology that provides fast, safe and efficient wireless power to user devices without plugs, pads, or cables. Its technology applications are far and wide, from mobile and IoT to security and industrial devices.

About Plug and Play

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With over 350 startups and 300 corporate partners in our technology accelerator, we have created the ultimate startup ecosystem.

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