For most startup founders, putting together an HR checklist is not top of mind, it’s an afterthought. Since most founders choose to ignore even the basic principles of human resources from the very get-go, it can be hard to argue the opposite. Entrepreneurs tend to focus more on urgent problems…

Whether it’s due to having a “too small to matter” mentality or simply not making it a priority, startups are not integrating HR early enough and this is sinking fledgling businesses.

Consider this: You’re a founder with a solid business model and product-market fit and you’ve just raised seed capital…

Current practices in recruiting systems are flawed and at the source of many missed opportunities and connections.

To make a successful hire, you need someone who can get the job done and is a good cultural fit. Inefficiencies pervade the current recruiting methods that utilize traditional job boards, applicant tracking systems and AI. …

Startup Talent Showcase, Summer 2019 at the Cortex Innovation District in St. Louis

Hiring is hard. It takes time, money and energy. Is your approach working? Is it time to check-in and re-evaluate your process? Here are 6 ways the Startup Talent Showcase is different — a fresh take on hiring you should consider when building your team.

1. We bring you pre-vetted talent that’s prepped and ready.

All you have to do is show up, introduce your company and listen to a series of pitches from job seekers. Then, decide who you want to talk to. Candidates know what the startup environment is about and want to be part of it. They understand what the companies are…

Colleen Jenkins

Founder/CEO of PluggedIN HQ. PluggedIn is an events-driven platform that empowers companies and candidates to connect in a direct and deliberate way.

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