Do-it-Yourself: Must-Have Plumbing Tools for Every Homeowner

Plumbing problems can be really devastating; however, they are not very difficult to fix. With the proper tools, most people can perform some of the simplest repairs. Without the proper tools, you can probably improvise them from some things you have around the house. That is, as long as you already have a wrench. Before you call a plumber in Harrow from Plumbers 4 U, here’s what you might need to handle a lot of your plumbing problems.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are pretty self-explanatory. When you are working with water, you might not be working with very clean water. This is especially true if you are working with sewage or stagnant water, such as that from drainage pipes and gutters. You don’t necessarily want to come into contact with this stagnant water as it could be filled with harmful microbes; you especially don’t want to come into contact with this stuff if you have cuts on your hands or fingers. Rubber gloves keep your hands safe from potentially harmful substances. In addition, most decent rubber gloves have non-slip surfaces for gripping. These come in especially handy when working with wet surfaces. So, invest in some good rubber gloves with slip-resistant fingers and palms. The longer they are the better.

Adjustable Wrench

This is a pretty indispensable tool, and luckily, it is great for a lot of different jobs. You should definitely own one if you plan to carry out any plumbing tasks. Adjustable wrenches, especially adjustable locking wrenches, are especially useful because they replace an entire set of wrenches. With a quality adjuster, you can widen it to fit the larger nuts that are found on plumbing jobs, but rarely on anything else. So, since you can adjust it, it can be useful for the rare sizes found in plumbing jobs and the more common sizes for everything else.

It’s important that you make sure the wrench is set as tightly as possible when you adjust the nut, so that you don’t strip it.

Coat Hanger

You probably have a metal coat hanger around, and they’re pretty useful if you have a clogged drain. You want to turn the water off to the clogged pipe in question. You will then straighten out the coat hanger, but maybe leave a nice U-bend in the end. Then, you use the coat hanger to scrape out the clogged drain. This isn’t always as effective as a professional snake, but it usually gets the job done for smaller jobs. Remember, you don’t have to remove every single piece of hair or what have you. You just have to remove enough so that the water can carry the rest away.

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