How LeBron is the real winner of 2015…

First of all, congrats to the Golden State Warriors on an amazing season. They were the best team in the regular season, playoffs, and deserved being crowned 2015 NBA Champions. The real champion however, is on the losing team. That’s right, LeBron James.

LeBron started the season with 2 all-star caliber players in Cleveland: Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. Through unfortunate injuries to each, James was able to weather the storm and keep the Cavaliers playing at a high level. The Finals run James had this year was out of this world; prompting many sports writers and the general public to announce the idea he should be awarded Finals MVP regardless of his teams fate. The last time(and only time in the NBA) a player from the losing team in the Finals was awarded Finals MVP was Jerry West in 1969 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

We live in a world now predicated on winning. Through social media outlets, microscopic media attention and overall pressure to win unlike any other time in history. LeBron James deserved the MVP THIS YEAR-no question. But the NBA wouldn’t survive the backlash of giving an award for losing in a sport aimed at winning.

The biggest winner of them all is James. He may have lost yet another Finals, but his future is as bright as ever. He WILL have at least 3–5 more Finals appearances in his career, but that’s not the biggest prize of all. Players from around the league have a new found respect for James they didn’t have prior to this Finals series. Players will now beg, borrow, and steal to be on the same team as James. They’ll be willing to take less money, less guarantees, less years to have the opportunity to play with this all-time great. They’d be stupid not to. It’s a near given, any team James is on has a great chance to be in the Finals every year. Before its all said and done, LeBron WILL have more NBA titles than Michael Jordan(6). So sit back, relax and enjoy the view. LeBron James is about to amaze the world in the next years to come.