Build Small Bookshelf With the Free Wood Working Plan in 2018

Mildred Dalters
Jan 17, 2018 · 4 min read

Looking out for some Bookshelf building ideas for your home? You have landed up to the perfect place, as we are going to discuss and share a few ideas which we found worth to be tried. Using Plunge Router — A Beginner’s Guide Some of them are easy, while others a bit complex ones.

Build Small Bookshelf With the Free Wood Working Plan in 2018

Creating a basic bookshelf will take a maximum of one or two days. Also, a bookshelf project is simple by nature itself, since the main design and the plan are already made available to you. Even the budget will be reasonable too, considering the materials needed for this task.

So, shall we get started?

#1 An Industrial Bookshelf Plan from Rogue Engineer

This is one of our personal favorites of all, for its rugged and classic design. Jamieson aka the Rogue Engineer posted about this bookshelf which he tried out inspired by the famous Pottery Barn bookshelf. But this bookshelf cost around $1900! Jamieson gave a thought to it and found that a similar quality bookshelf can be designed just with a small budget.

It is about 81 inches in height, and 38½ inches in length. You can use this for keeping any show-piece as well as books. [here]

Image for post
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#2 Contemporary Style Bookshelf — American Woodworker

American BeingWoodWorker has shared an amazing contemporary style of the bookshelf for you guys. This is a strong, clean lining design which keeps all the shelf items visible to the people. It does not have any angles, no mortises, or even any special joints on it. This is because all the parts of the shelf are built individually, and later joined up together.

The working tools required for building up this shelf are jigsaw, table saw, dado blade, router, drill press, router table, miter saw, jointer, etc. Find out more in detail [here]

#3 A Small Bookshelf Plan from The Old House

If you are looking to build a basic bookshelf for your champ, then this will be our recommendation. It is the standard bookshelf plane by The Old House. It comes with 3 shelves on it, among which 2 are adjustable. Well, you know make some modifications too, for example — increasing the number of shelves.

Another benefit of this shelf is that you can set it up almost in any room. Paint it with your favorite color, which matches the room decor. This bookshelf provides you with a shelf space of about 10 feet but takes less than 3 feet of the floor space. [here]

#4 Cubby Bookshelf Plan by Ana White

Next bookshelf idea which you can look at this Cubby design by the Ana White. It comes with a large bookshelf space, along with adjustable shelves on it. We all have many kinds of stuff at home, but less option when it comes to storage options. A basic bookshelf will help you with solving your problem.

Image for post
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Here the height and the length of the bookshelf remains almost the same. It is found to be 46 inches in length and height; with a width of about 13½ inches. [here]

#5 Walnut Bookcase Plan from Rockler

If you want to go a bit costly and classy with the bookshelf, then check out this Walnut Bookcase Plan by Rockler. This bookcase is built using walnut wood, and the red mahogany stain. Both of them together gives the bookshelf a rustic look and something which suits all kinds of home decor.

You can check out a detailed explanation on how to get started with the dimensions and all the processes to be performed to get this DIY done at home. [here]

These are our top Best Picks for the Building Small Bookshelf With the Free Wood Working Plan. You will find much more similar DIYs online. Still, these remain our favorites among all. Even if you are a beginner or a pro at routing, you can try them out easily.

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