LCD and Modular Pop up counter are ideal for the exhibitions

Pop Up Counter used for arranging exhibitions are a perfect balance between elegant design and simplified functionality. This exhibition display is great for sampling and demonstrating the exhibited products and is also ideal for the trade show environment, and it comes with inside shelves.

Generally the Pop up counters feature the tried and tested framework as used on the larger printed pop up display the back walls. They are ideal way to create a professional, portable desktop at an exhibition, show or an event. The types of pop up counters are:

Best Value Pop Up Counter — The best value pop up counter is supplied with plain black fabric panels and a carry bag. This can also be supplied with optional printed graphic panels.

Euro-stand Mini Pop Up Counter — This is a smaller pop up counter, supplied with printed graphics.

· Euro-stand 2x2 Pop Up Counter — A premium large sized pop up counter, supplied with printed graphics.

Nowadays, LCD plasma pop-up display stands have become common and are widely used for the exhibitions. Advances in technology have resulted in price drop of digital displays, due to the replacement of plasma screens with LCD screen technology. It has made interactive and video presentations easier to be shown at exhibitions.

The size may vary from 60 inches to 32 inches LCD screen depending upon the size and the audience to be covered during the event. The entire systems are portable and can be assembled in less than half an hour time.

The modular exhibition stands are also widely used. These are available in small parts that need to be assembled to make a proper pop up stand for an exhibition.

  • They can be customized with their sizes and designs for any kind of exhibition and thus proves to be a cost effective practice.
  • They are incredibly quick and easy to setup, even by inexperienced users.
  • Building them is safer and easier and doesn’t require any power tool for the setup.
  • They do not generally have any ugly metal, poles and beams to interrupt the graphics.
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