Say Hello to Google Allo: An Al-powered Smart Messaging App

Google always keeps its users engaging. No doubt in that. Just like every time, Google amused the audiences with an innovative messaging mobile app- Google Allo. Launched on September 21st, 2016, the Google Allo app is attracting quite a good number of Android and iOS users. The USP of the Google Allo app is that it has more to offer than the conventional messaging apps.

Google Allo

Google Allo App Features

Smart Reply

Users can respond to messages without having to type a single word actually. The iPhone & Android application development of Google Allo app having smart reply feature learns over time and recommends to photos and texts. It all happens through a software that has a machine-learning technology. For example, if someone sends you a “How are you?”, the feature in the app offers you responses like “Good, how about you?”

Incognito Mode

Users can use incognito mode for private chats. The feature includes end-to-end encryption, expiring chats, and private notifications. The user can select a contact with whom they want to have a private conversation. Once the user finishes the talk, the chat history will automatically disappear. However, this incognito mode doesn’t include special features like Google Assistant or Smart Reply.

Google Assistant

Google Allo takes the app to a whole new level with the Google Assistant feature. Though the app is virtual, it still is like having your own personal assistant. Users can share videos, find nearby restaurants, check the weather, pull information, et cetera. The only thing users have to do is type in @google followed your question. The very next minute it provides all the related details with pictures available.

Text Formatting

The text formatting feature allows users to format text by increasing or decreasing the text size. It can be done by sliding the send button up and down. It also has a wide range of sticker collection and lets the user doodle the image before sending it across.


Albeit Google Allo has the above features which WhatsApp doesn’t, but there are a couple of issues that can’t be overlooked. The very first thing is privacy. Since Google Allo is not an end-to-end encrypted app which means that Google is storing all its users’ conversations with Google Assistant on their servers. The next one is that user can not select multiple messages unlike WhatsApp; only one at a time. Also, Google Allo doesn’t have a file sharing feature such as document or pdf yet.

Google Allo Vs. WhatsApp

Google Allo vs WhatsApp

What WhatsApp users have become used to is making calls in the app itself. The feature lets you make calls over WiFi and also works quite good even with a decent internet connection. This feature also has data saving mode which helps users in not losing their mobile data bandwidth. Another biggest difference is that users can not share documents or files in Google Allo app which makes it less professional. It only allows users to share location and media. There are a lot of other differences like backup support, formatting features such as bold, italics, strikethrough, et cetera.

However, Google Allo has got the Google brand. Of course, even WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook long ago, but Google Allo is a Google’s innovation. So it has got its own positive points. Maybe the actual intention of Google Allo app for not allowing users to make direct calls or share files is because to divert the users to use other Google’s products like Hangouts and Duo. What do you think? Is there a chance for Google Allo to win against WhatsApp? Let me know your thoughts and Google Allo app reviews in the comment box below.