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August Company Update: New Advisor, CTO & Partnerships

Sep 7, 2018 · 5 min read

In August we continued working on building out our team and partnerships. Read our company update below to learn more about what we were up to last month!

New Members

In an effort to assert authority in the industry we have been recruiting talent that reflects our ambitions.

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Yao Min is an ICO expert and holding multiple certifications in blockchain technology. His experience in successful blockchain companies will prove fruitful as we further our marketing and development efforts. Yao Min has already helped us acquire new partnerships.


Our newest member of the team is strategically important. We are awaiting final approval on the agreement before we disclose his name. However, the potential candidate offers PlutusX an interesting opportunity to acquire not only 1 new technical officer, but 3 total; in addition to a CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) who works directly with Amazon’s compliance.

The new CTO has an impressive background in blockchain technology by assisting another crypto project into maturity. The prospective team member also gives us direct access to 2 other technology officers such as a CPO (Programming Officer), and CSO (Security Officer). We are excited to make the announcement as early as next week! Be sure to follow our twitter and join our Telegram to stay up to date.

Start Engine

Staying true to our mission, we decided to invest more time and money into a platform which will allow non-accredited investors to get a piece of the seed round action. Start Engine is a crowdfunding platform which essentially takes advantage of CF filings and the JOBs act with the SEC. As a result, the platform allows non-accredited investors to participate in the exclusive Seed Round of funding for PlutusX. We recently overcame a massive legal hurdle with them, and now we are optimizing the profile before going live. Be sure to follow our twitter and join our telegram to stay up to date.



In August, we announced our partnership with VOMOS.

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VOMOS is a luxury rental service for private jets, yachts, cars and more. Our Black Card members will be able to use their services at a discounted rate.

More information will be available as we launch our platform.

Marketing Partner

After countless of solicitations and proposals, we have found a trusted and credible partner who will assist us in the following:

  • Public Relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Investor Relations
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Capital Partners

This partner has a success rate of 100% with previous clients.

Company will be announced once details are finalized.


Our CEO Angel had a meeting with our loan providers in San Francisco to finalize a working partnership. We are working on loan programs for crypto users who desire to cash-out their investments without being forced to liquidate their positions.

Currently, the loan program is as follows (Subject to change):

  • 35% LTV
  • 1 yr — 2 yr terms
  • 5.2% Interest
  • Accepted cryptos for collateral: BTC, ETH, LTC, XML, IOTA, EOS, and ADA.
  • Light Screening


Apart from our marketing partners, we’ve started increasing the growth in our community channel (200 members to 1,000) and became more active on social media platforms such as Instagram where we grew our audience by over 20%.

Over the next few days our project will also be listed on 100+ ICO websites.

We have seen an increased demand in our project and the feedback has been good to see.


Chris Hoyle, our Celebrity Manager and Advisor, helped us close our first micro influencer to assist us in our awareness and community growth efforts. This individual receives around a million views per video not including the views acquired when shared. This campaign consists of:

  • 2 wall posts of 60 second videos
  • 4 stories
  • Over the duration of 4 months


In addition to our marketing efforts, we were placed on multiple ICO based websites including ICOBench, which is in the top 5 and one of the most credible platforms in the industry.

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Angel was interviewed recently by which is a crypto news outlet. There he spoke about the company’s mission, vision, and plans for the next 3 years. You can read the interview here:

Free Trading Program

In an effort to democratize wealth generating tools, our CEO Angel Mondragon decided to build an online free trading course. The blog posts and cheat sheets tandem with videos will equip novice traders with the necessary tools to become profitable in under a month. However, this can not replace practice and backtesting.

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To check out the series and download the free trading bot click here.

Make sure to join our group chat here:

Announcement Channel:

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