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February Company Update: Partnerships, Advisors, Designs & More.

Feb 28, 2018 · 7 min read

We are happy to share our February’s company update. Learn what we have been working on and get an insider look at our operation.


  • Partnership announcement


ADTM (The Perfect Circle) + PlutusX

This month we got to share an exciting partnership with our new friends at ADTM soon to be renamed to ‘The Perfect Circle’.

The Perfect Circle and PlutusX will form a separate subsidiary to be wholly-owned by The Perfect Circle that will focus on the development of a blockchain-enabled full-service banking platform that will include a number of new and innovative products, but not be limited to, cryptocurrencies, insurance, credit cards, savings and loans and wealth management.

The Perfect Circle is a public company that offers businesses quick funding for their projects with rates that maximize returns.

Here is a statement from our CEO & Founder Angel Mondragon:

“ PlutusX recognized the tremendous potential of crypto-assets early on and has been one of the early adopters of new and alternative payment methods, which are expanding at record speeds today for industries that demand such solutions in order to support their continued expansion..

..together we could further accelerate what has already emerged as one of the fastest growing industries we have experienced since the dot com era,”

You can read the full press release on Yahoo Finance.

Be sure to look out for our next announcement to learn about the intricacies of our partnership with Perfect Circle, and how our product/services align with their mission and vision. The use case will be mutually beneficial saving Perfect Circle both money and time while acting as a lucrative revenue generating a mechanism for our ecosystem.

Advisory Team

While we can’t give away too much detail in this space (yet), we are starting to get great feedback from our advisors regarding our progress and vision of PlutusX.

We have also spent some time in February to sign a few high-level executive board members. Some of these advisors have worked or are working in organizations such as:

  • Google

Our team is excited to have such advisors on our board and can’t wait to share them with you in our pre-sale.

A major priority moving forward is to outreach within our existing network to get more rockstar level advisors onto our team. We will be excited to make official names in the monthly announcements to follow.

Marketing & Business Development

Things are moving along in our marketing world, preparing for a soft pre-sale that we are looking forward to launching soon amongst other things.


We are extremely grateful to have access to over 300 celebrities. A lot of them have a brilliant business minds. They truly believe in our product and are thrilled to work with us on pushing our platform to the masses. While we do have a handful celebrity confirmed, we can’t share the names right now but hopefully in our next update!

Community Group

Finally we all have a place to communicate, answer questions and support our community. We quietly launched our Telegram group chat which you can join here:

See you on the inside!


Over the weeks, you might have seen a small brand change within our graphics. While our website still reflects the older branding, this will be updated soon. The design team is doing small tweaks as we go.

Content Marketing

Intro for our YouTube videos.

We have started an internal content calendar to keep on top of press releases, educational content and updates like this article. This month we have published a handful of educational content pieces to provide our audience with as much value as we can. Here is the content we have published this month:

Achieving Decentralization 2 Part Series


Litecoin Crypto Technical Analysis

Smart Contracts for Dummies

Business Registration

Currently, Plutus is registered in NM but we will be moving our business registration to Canada for legal reasons and obligations. In February, we have been looking at the best ways to go about this process and started consulting with our law firm for such efforts.

Legal Structure

We are currently working with our legal team (TBA on our board next month) to file a Form D with the SEC so we can get fully compliant. We believe adhering to existing legal regulation will boost trust in our business venture with future users/investors as well as lead the way as a pioneer in the crypto-space for other companies to follow.


As our legal teams finalizes our structure we will open up our fund to selected countries where clients will be able to deposit money and monitor our portfolio performance from their phone or desktop. Currently our fund is operating above market average, generating PlutusX cashflow positive revenue. This component of our Pre-ICO is unique to a small minority of ICO’s. Few ICO’s are legally compliment, less have a functional product and even fewer are generating positive revenue. We hope that this aspect of our company adds more intrinsic value to prospective investors and users in the future.

If you are currently a client, look at your email or our telegram channel to get an update for the month of February.

In case you are interested in our fund, you can email us at and someone on our team will get back to you.

Design & Development

February we started the design of our mobile app which will also be used to design the web platform. For cost-effectiveness, we have decided to launch our initial web platform first and then moving into native Android & iOS after.

We also very close to developing our first real demo platform which will allow you to explore some of our features.

Below you will find some our mobile screens we have designed.

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One of many sketches for the mobile app
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The Dashboard
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The Menu & Your AI Assistant

Development Team

We have secured our development team to build out our preliminary app before the ICO raise. We want future users/investors to have an interactive experience to fully understand our vision and concepts. The development team will be announced next month as well. They have an impressive portfolio that specializes in blockchain, AI and IoT, which all align beautifully in our roadmap.


Our current website has been a sufficient placeholder for the meantime while we design and develop a more robust site with more information and designs specially tailored to our brand. We are planning to have the site complete in March.

Whitepaper & Litepaper

We are very close to finishing our Whitepaper. There is a few high priority tasks we need to finish, polish it up and it’s ready to be published:

  • Get the Whitepaper reviewed and approved by our law team.

We will be releasing a Whitepaper and Lightpaper. The difference between the both is that the Lightpaper will have less technical information. For more technical information, investors will be able to refer to the Whitepaper.

Make sure to join our group chat here:
Announcement Channel:

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to applaud us down below! Would mean a lot to us and it helps other people see the story.

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What’s New

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Our Execs Newest Positions

Our executives Angel Mondragon (CEO) and Patrick Benske (CMO) were recently announced as Senior Advisors for a Public Company for Crypto Currency. Read Here

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Whitepaper | Community

We are releasing a teaser for our whitepaper in addition to our first months results for our fund. We are releasing it on our telegram. Find the channel HERE.

Writer: Patrick Benske. Contributor : Angel Mondragon.

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