March Company Update: Whitelisting, Advisors, Diagrams & More.

Apr 2, 2018 · 7 min read


  • Whitelisting
  • Advisory Board
  • New Team Members
  • Architecture & Network Diagrams
  • Whitepaper & Lightpaper Progress


Last month we promised to launch our whitelisting and so we did, just in time for the end of Q1! The whitelisting allows you to sign up and RSVP for our ICO, receive a bonuses and get whitelisted for our pre-sale.

To get whitelisted, visit our website:

Advisory Team

Last month we vaguely highlighted our advisory board so that we did not disclose names that would later be retracted.

Now we are happy to announce some of the members:

Alex Mostoufi — CTO at MiTu

Alex has years of experience in product, technology and design, He has gained a very broad and multi-faceted experience by helping shape products across various platforms including Web, TV, Mobile and Browser Applications.

He is passionate about product conceptualization and innovation. Alex looks at problems from a holistic point of view, understands the market trends/needs, uses data and insights to identify opportunities to not only create differentiated experiences but also improve existing products.

Alex is also the founder of which was acquired by Apple Inc. in 2008.

Kevin McDonald — Partner, McDonald Lehner

Kevin brings McDonald Lehner’s clients over 30 years of experience in investment banking, consulting, private equity, and international business.

Kevin began his career with the Boston Consulting Group and later Fletcher Spaght, Inc., where he advised clients in a wide variety of industries. Kevin founded ITCA Europe Ltd. in Poland, an investment banking and consulting firm serving the newly opened east bloc.

He also advised the U.S. Department of State concerning privatization in Russia. He later served as President and CEO of the Defense Enterprise Fund, a venture capital firm focusing on the former Soviet Union. Kevin has a B.A. in Latin American Studies from Vanderbilt University, and M.B.A. from Northwestern University. He is married and has two children.

Chris Hoyle — Celebrity Manager

Chris has worked in the the celebrity management industry for over 7 years, building direct connections with A-List celebrity influencers. Our team plans on utilizing his experience with branding and his connection with influencers to use for our marketing.

Jared Murphy — ICO Consultant, RE Investor

Jared Murphy graduated Undergrad in Business from Marriott School of Management (BYU). During his time in college he gained interest in investing and became obsessed with the concept of multiplying money through successful investing. After college he became an Analyst for Accenture ‘2003 — ‘2006 and started

Real Estate Investing from ‘2001 — Present. In ‘2004-‘2007 he began hosting Real Estate Investment Workshops including how to protect yourself during the bubble burst. In mid ‘2005 till ‘2015 he grew his Real Estate Broker venture from New Mexico to Arizona. Since 2015 till this day Jared is a Principle Buyer for Keypoint Solutions — Real Estate investment company/ Wholesaler. His interest in the crypto space began when Angel suggested to buy in in mid 16 when he finally took action. After spending countless hours researching up he quickly realized the benefit this opportunity had for investors and how decentralized tech could greatly disrupt the REI industry as a whole.

Our team is excited to have such advisors on our board. We are constantly scouting more top advisors. We have several other rockstar advisors potentially joining our board and are currently discussing terms.

A major priority moving forward is to outreach within our existing network to get more rockstar level advisors onto our team. We will be excited to make official names in the monthly announcements to follow.

If you think you can bring experience and skill to our advisory board, feel free to email us here:

New Team Members

Mason Banning — Backend/Frontend Developer

Everyone engages with technology in some form or fashion on a daily basis. Technology drives us and enables us to do more, think higher, and dream bigger. Mason loves creating software experiences that people love to use.

He has been creating quality software for banks and other financial institutions on a variety of platforms for the past 4+ years, helping customers realize their dreams, and forming experiences that help people engage with technology in new and creative ways.

Joshua Espinosa — Investment Strategist

Joshua is a dedicated, innovative, and motivated team builder with experience in risk management, financial analysis, equities trading, portfolio management, derivatives, and quantitative analysis capability.

Joshua will be responsible for development, implementation and evaluation of our own and our client’s investment management goals. Reviewing long term positions, researching new strategies and developing new innovative investment plans.

Joel Wisdo — AI / Machine Learning

Joel brings over a decade of experience in executing disruptive ideas and technology an array of industries. He has held positions at the C-level, Director of Operations, Operation Specialist and Product Manager. His journey into developing machine learning / AI financial strategies was a natural progression after the financial crisis in 2008. Joel started to explore different ways to improve investment strategies which eventually led him to machine learning and AI libraries such as MLpack and Tensorflow. After developing hundreds of strategies, he excels at devising market leading deep learning strategies. He currently calls Denver Colorado home. When he is away from the computer, Joel enjoys traveling, playing soccer, transversing the Rockies, and reading.

Thea Vujanovic — VP of Operations

Although Thea is holds a Masters in Petroleum Engineering and even working as a developer for some time, she was always more passionate about business. Being a natural problem solver with analytical mind, curious, willing to explore and striving for more, she has always been the most passionate about business.Being a natural problem solver with an analytical and curious mind, always willing to explore and strive for more, she has experience in multiple industries and worked in many positions giving her insight into creating cohesive teams and companies.

Marketing & Business Development

In March, we completed our litepaper and whitelisting form and are presently focused on the prototype and web app.

Design & Development

One of our big development priorities for March was the website. We needed to get it up and running for our whitelisting. Now that it’s out of the way, we can start the design and development of our web based property for our platform.

You will be able to create your account on our platform and navigate our prototype.


Like stated above, we are excited to announce that our website is now up and running. We will be making continual updates as we move forward towards our ICO, adding and modifying sections.

To view our website please click here:


Below you will find some of the architecture/network diagrams of our ecosystem. You will also find these on our whitepaper once it is available.

A.I. Trading Architecture
PAMM Management Architecture (Client & Trader Dashboard)
High-level Overview of the PlutusX platform
Network Overview Of Payment Settlement

Whitepaper & Litepaper

If you live under a rock and haven’t noticed our publishment of our litepaper, you can find it on our website here:

While our litepaper is already published (it has some juice information by the way), we are very close to finishing our whitepaper. There is a few high priority tasks we need to finish, polish it up and it’s ready to be published!

Here is a quick list:

  • Get the Whitepaper reviewed and approved by our law team.
  • Go into more detail about specific features.
  • Put finishing touches on the Whitepaper to make it look pretty.

PS: We are also displaying our whitepaper in a very new and interactive format that hasn’t been done with any other crypto company.

Make sure to join our group chat here:
Announcement Channel:

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What’s New

Get Whitelisted

PlutusX just launched their Whitelisting for the upcoming ICO. Click here to RSVP your spot before the ICO fills up!

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We are on a mission to reinvent the way banking is perceived by leveraging new decentralized tools and technologies. #Crypto #Blockchain #PlutusX

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