How Should You Act on Social Media

What is acceptable behavior for social media and is it important? In my opinion, though behavior may be important I have seen many people become popular and successful being both uncivilized and civilized on social media. Social Media platforms allow you to do just about anything you please. But keep in mind that though you may be given some opportunities for specific behaviors, those same behaviors could deny opportunities from other places.

“Love and Hip-Hop New York” cast member and rapper Cardi B was relatively unknown before she started making videos on Instagram. Cardi was a stripper who worked at Lust Strip Club in Brooklyn, New York. Her career and popularity started to take off as soon as people started not only paying attention to her physical “assets” but also her personality. In some of her videos she has talked about cheating on past boyfriends and having sex explicitly. With more and more of her videos going viral she was able to land a role on Vh1’s “Love and Hip-Hop.” From there her career seemed to skyrocket. Cardi had already been popular by gaining many followers on Instagram, but now she had a chance to expand her career from just being an Instagram personality and stripper, to showcasing her abilities as a rapper. Cardi B has even landed a role on BET’s “Being Mary Jane.”

Though Cardi is successful due to her social media popularity and talents, it’s clear that her wild personality limited other platforms from helping her showcase those same talents. I believe it is fair to assume that a network like CNN would not have given her an opportunity of any kind, due to her behavior on social media. With all of her videos about sex, stripping, and relationship “advice,” people fail to realize that she is actually an intelligent woman. She has posted videos of her speaking on political issues such as President Trump’s Travel Ban and cases like Eric Garner (“I Can’t Breathe”) case. In which she shows that she actually has a great understanding of what’s going on. But those videos are easily overshadowed with her past as a stripper and the countless videos of explicit content on her social media.