6 Simple Tips To Avoid Sickness While Travelling

People these days often tend to fall ill while travelling. This happens due to adulterated food, impure water, false habits and unhealthy work-out schedule. Here are the few tips to avoid falling sick while you travel:

1. Wash hands thoroughly:

Wash the hands with Soap while on trip or vacation. You may not know how many unhygienic things you must have touched which could be the reason to fall ill. Also, while travelling you are unaware of what situation you encounter, so keep hand sanitizer for the safety.

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2. Use Stainless Steel Tea or Coffee Maker:

It is a basic advice, not to drink anything from any equipment until and unless it is Stainless-Steel Tea Infuser Bottle or Travel Thermal Pour Over Coffee Maker. The contaminated milk or water may have been used to prepare your tea/coffee. However, these products will give you safe and healthy drinking.

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3. Food Contamination:

Food contamination is also one of the important concerns of travelers. It causes diarrhoea and other gastronomical issues. Thus, while you travel avoid seafood, though it might be a specialty of that place. However, if you are fond of seafood, you eat cooked food instead of raw food. Also, take care while eating salads and open fruit dishes as they could be exposed to any pollutants.

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4. Try Authentic but Eat Familiar:

While you are in Italy, you are much likely to try ravioli or pasta; while you are in China you are most likely to try noodles; while in India, you are most likely to try Chicken Tandoori or Paneer Tandoori but eat the food you are familiar with. Try experimenting but with the good place and good food.

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5. Stay active:

While on vacation, try to stay active. Do not be lazy. Keep yourself in an upright position to try to walk everywhere. This way you could feel nature and you will be able to enjoy your experience thoroughly. Also, staying active will digest your food and you will not become the victim of gastro or any indigestion issues. But do not forget to apply SPF cream or mosquito cream or you will be roasted.

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6. Get vaccinated:

You are bound to fall ill due to Tropical Diseases if you are planning tropical adventures. Vaccinations are probably one of the most common travel health concerns of the people. Prevention is always better than the cure, and nothing is better at protecting yourself from the risk of getting a disease than being vaccinated against it.

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Above mentioned are the tips to protect yourself from falling sick while travelling and ruining the experience. Follow them and stay fit.

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