Pocoland Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide us with a brief introduction to Poco?

Poco is an NFT game in which players can earn valuable rewards like our native token and NFTs through strategic gameplay. To begin, players will need 4 Poco characters which can be obtained by staking or by purchasing them on the NFT market. We created Poco to satisfy a growing need in the market for an entertaining and equitable gaming experience. The Pocoland virtual world contains adorable creatures and is part of an entire network of supporting ecosystems of exciting gameplay, a diverse range of supporting gears, and equipment, and real-time bidding and trade environment. Poco also features several dimensions such as Blockchain, Multiplayer, and Social. Similar Blockchain games in this segment include Sandbox, My Neighbor Alice, and Axie Infinity.

Why Poco? What does the name stand for?

The reasons for the name Poco are simple really. For starters, “Poco” is very easy to pronounce and therefore easy to remember. It also flows nicely in both Vietnamese and English, and above all else, we think little creatures with the name Poco sound quite cute. Pocoland, which is the full name of the project, is also quite unique when compared to other games.

What key strengths do you believe sets Pocoland apart from other similar games on the market?

One of our main priorities was to ensure that Poco was built around our community’s best interest. Therefore, many important platform decisions will be voted on by our community. Our various social media platforms ensure everyone’s voice can be heard and help guide us to develop the game more effectively. We have also created support mechanisms for newcomers to the space, such as renting Poco’s and equipment from more experienced players. This also positions us more strategically against competitors as it allows players with limited capital to still participate in our ecosystem.

With so many new NFT games emerging, what does Pocoland offer to attract new gamers into the space, and hold on to veteran players?

Pocoland features entertaining gameplay and a lucrative economic model that all players will benefit from, regardless of how experienced they are. We also have plans in the future to implement airdrops to incentivize new players to migrate towards the Poco ecosystem. We will also be introducing innovative Reward and Loyalty Programs and run effective marketing campaigns across social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Youtube, and Discord.

Do you have a strategy in place to maintain $POCO at a reasonable price and prevent manipulation by whales?

Whales have been known to wreak havoc in token economies since the invention of cryptomarkets, and DeGaming is not immune. However, we have put anti-speculation and anti-sell-off mechanisms in place which we are confident will minimize the risk of whale manipulation a great deal. Our token release schedule, which can be found in more detail in our whitepaper, also helps prevent drastic price fluctuations due to manipulation.

What are the next major priorities in your roadmap? And does the PocoLand team have enough fundamentals (Funds, Community, etc) to achieve those milestones?

We will answer the second question first. Yes, our funding is secure and has been adequate from the moment we started this project thanks in large part to our backer team that’s in charge of our investments and market analysis. We also have a team of advisors with extensive experience in problem-solving and business management, while our market maker team handles our liquidity. Our top priority moving forward is to enhance the gameplay and set our marketing campaigns to full blast. The first demo gameplay will launch in September, along with the NFT Marketplace, staking, and farming system.

What are the different ways players can earn while they play?

In total, there are seven ways a player can earn revenue in Pocoland. They can participate in daily quests and events, win PVP battles, sell game NFTs won in tournaments, exchange POCO characters on the NFT market, rent their unused NFT items to other players, stake their POCO tokens, and farm LP tokens to earn more Poco tokens.

When will staking be made available?

Our staking & farming pool was released on September 10th and players can utilize BNB/BUSD/POCO to stake POCOX.

Who do you consider to be Poco’s biggest rival and do you think Poco can overtake them or cooperate with them in the future?

We see Axie Infinity as our biggest competitor due to the similar gameplay that the game features. However, we have addressed and improved upon several pain points in Axie such as high transaction cost due to utilizing the Ethereum network and their NFT marketplace transaction fee. Poco’s transaction fee is much lower than Axie’s, at around 1% — 3.5%. Poco also has more widespread appeal and can be more easily adopted by a global audience of players without extensive DeGaming experience.

There remains a large gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers. What more can Pocoland do to bridge this gap?

Apart from our entertaining gameplay and play-to-earn incentives, we also plan to expand to multiple platforms such as web browser, IOS, Android, and perhaps even PC. This will help Pocoland feel more familiar with traditional gamers and make the transition easier for them. Our marketing will also take on a more mainstream approach with different events to attract new players and investors. The events will award winners Poco tokens, which adds to the appeal.

What features or in-game assets make Pocoland a top 10 NFT game?

Our breeding mechanism is surely one of our best gaming features. Think of Pocos as part warriors — part pets. You can breed them with other Pocos to create new offspring. The process of breeding will require a $POCOLOVE token and the amount will depend on the number of times the Pocos have been bred. We also have plans to create new elements that allow players to create higher-quality Pocos.

What is the utility of $POCO in the ecosystem and where can it be bought?

$POCO will allow holders to have governance rights within our ecosystem. They can also use their tokens to purchase and create POCO warriors. Our IDO will take place on Seedify and Oxbull on September 9th. Investors who cannot participate in our IDO can purchase our tokens on Pancakeswap during the public sale on September 10th. Our end goal is to have $POCO listed on Binance with is a well-known platform that is suitable for people of all experience levels.

What profit targets have you set for Pocoland?

While creating a thriving ecosystem and economy is important for us, we haven’t set specific 10x or 100x goals. This is because we know that by sticking to our road map and ensuring that our community is looked after, we will ultimately reach our goal of creating one of the most successful NFT games on the market.

Have you made any significant partnerships since beginning this journey?

We have signed the agreement with over 20 partners which include GD10 Ventures and Everse Capital. Our social media platforms are booming with over 150k members on Twitter, 80k members on discord, and over 170k members on telegram.

To connect with Poco:
Join group chat at: https://t.me/PocoGroupChat
Website: https://pocoland.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PocoNFTsGame
Tele channel: https://t.me/Pocoann
Discord: https://discord.gg/Gu3UFqzbbf
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Pocoland-NFT...
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A1Ru...