[Tutorial] Staking to receive POCOX tokens by using POCO-BUSD Pair

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4 min readSep 15, 2021


Dear POCO community,

We would like to share with you guys how you can stake POCO-BUSD pairs to receive POCOX tokens on our platform. We hope that this guide will help you guys having a clear comprehension regarding staking POCO-BUSD pair.

Prior to the tutorial, here is the link for staking POCOX — which is an essential token for minting POCO characters: https://POCOland.com/staking

📍Contract Address: 0x394bBA8F309f3462b31238B3fd04b83F71A98848

*Disclaimer: POCOX has no specific price, POCO price will be exchanged in Pancakeswap following the market price.

Step 1: Configure Liquidity Providing (LP) on PancakeSwap

  • Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap by clicking the “connect” button in the top right corner and selecting Metamask or Defi. In case you have connected the wallet on PancakeSwap you can access “Add liquidity” faster here.
  • Add liquidity: Choose how many tokens BUSD/POCO you wish to add to one half of the pair — the other half will be POCO TOKEN.
  • Add the address of POCO Tokens at the Output. Details will be provided on your proportional share of the pool, which will dictate the amount of liquidity provider (LP) tokens you receive.
  • Click on enable POCO.-> Confirm in your Wallet
  • After that, click on supply to confirm the amount of Token POCO added -> Confirm
  • The LP tokens will be named in accordance with the pair of tokens you provided, so in this case, the tokens would be named POCO-BUSD LP.

Step 2: Connecting wallet to POCO

  • Choose the POCO-BUSD on the middle and click to the connect wallet at the POCO-BUSD section
  • Starting to browse your wallet and connect it. Only two wallets are accepted on POCO staking website.

Step 3: Deposit POCO-BUSD pair to commence the staking

  • After successfully connect your wallet, you are able to deposit the pair into POCO.
  • Click the Deposit button and you can observe the balance of LP POCO-BUSD. Key in the number you want to deposit and click the “APPROVE”.
  • After snapping the Approve button, the process approves notification will be appearing and be pending. It will take 3 to 5 seconds for completion.
  • After the system is recognised successfully. The result will be presented as below:


  • For withdrawal, you can activate it anytime and will be charged a tad of a fee for the transaction processing.

Furthermore, you can stack directly from your mobile device with the Wallet connected to Dapps.

  • Open your wallet app in your mobile device: Metamask/ Defii — can be downloaded from Google Store/ Appstore
  • Go to your built-in Dapp browser and navigate to Pancakeswap website to add liquidity pool (LP) BNB- POCO or BUSD- POCO.

When stake successfully, all the information will be shown as below:

With Defi app, it shows you the Featured dapps including Pocoland Stacking, just click on, connect wallet then do the same on the website.

According to the 3 simple steps above, you can start staking with POCO effortlessly and enjoy utterly our attractive perks. We expect with this staking, POCO will bring out more benefits to our community and stay connected closely altogether!

Don’t hesitate to contact us via our social media channels for any kind of supports in case you are struggling with the staking process!

Connect with us via:

Website: https://POCOland.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/POCONFTsGame

Telegram: https://t.me/POCOGroupChat



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