Tonight March 4th at 9pm Pacific it’s Cosmic Passport with Elizabeth Anglin and guest Matt Powell, and “Pastless” or “Undo” “Don’t let your past turn you into a ghost in your own life, break free! “ In the second hour we are joined by authors, experiencers and researchers Allen Feldman and Heather Giamboi. Both are accomplished Soul Travelers over several decades. They are Authors and Spiritual Teachers of a highly freeing form of advanced Spiritual Travel to Heavens. They speak and teach on the subjects of out-of-body travel, how to become a Spiritual Traveler and returning to God. Heather is a Spiritual Traveler, Teacher and the President of VARDANKAR and Allen is the Head Spiritual Teacher and head of VARDANKAR helping individuals experience extraordinary worlds of consciousness in heavens of pure spirit. “We can go beyond Near Death Experiences, beyond Astral Travel, Meditation and Prayer to visit many Heavens and even reach the Heart of God while still living in our Earth bodies.” These Spiritual Travelers can accompany a Soul and show that Soul the way into the various levels of Heavenly worlds past all illusion, eventually into the Very Heart of God! While this book flies in the face of conventional religion, philosophy, science and dogma, it is based on the personal experience of countless Souls who have made this sacred journey. We will learn the names of the various planes or worlds, how to travel there and what the pitfalls are. We will learn the methods that run contrary to most advice given by self-help gurus and religious and new age leaders. We will learn that the negative power has been running these lower universes as a sort of self-constructed prison for Soul’s spiritual education and we learn how to graduate from the Wheel of Eighty-Four, which is the seemingly countless series of Incarnations on Earth and other planets as well as incarnations on the various other material worlds, some that mimic Heaven but are mixtures of positive and negative and not Soul’s true home. It is no wonder most are trapped, for without true Wisdom and true spiritual instruction on how to leave the physical body and venture into these various worlds beyond the Physical and Astral plane, Soul is lost in a sea of confusion and paradoxes. This book is for the bold, adventurous and those who desire God more then life itself! It shows how to partake of the very Living Waters of life — the Audible Life Stream or VARDAN (Spirit). One caution however, this book must be read with an open mind since it challenges religious and spiritual dogma. If this is done, we can guarantee you will never be the same again. Your life will change; for in time Divine Truth will set you free.”


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