Why YOU should tweet with #iamalibrarian

Become part of a growing community of librarians and other information professionals who interact with each other on Twitter.*

#iamalibrarian allows librarians and other information professionals to support and communicate with each other.

A hashtag is like metadata for tweets — it categorizes tweets and increases the relevance of searches. (For more of an explanation, read Twitter’s explanation of hashtags.)

A “regular” hashtag encourages people to tweet about a broad topic at any time. Twitter can be frustrating, especially when you first start, because it can feel like you are writing into a void, with no one reading your tweets. However, if you tweet with a regular hashtag, you can expect others to find your tweets because people search the hashtags … regularly.

#iamalibrarian has been a regular hashtag since October, 2016, and a community has begun to form. People have formed reciprocal relationships — regularly reading each others’ tweets and interacting with follows, replies, retweets, and quotes.

By tweeting with this hashtag, you too can share your own observations or comments, link to interesting articles, find job opportunities, & promote your accomplishments to others.

(Of course, we also always welcome “lurkers,” who read our Tweets but do not contribute. We know you’re out there.)


How can a regular hashtag like #iamalibrarian make your voice heard on Twitter?

You do not need to follow an account to search for a hashtag. Even if you are not signed in to Twitter, you will see all the tweets with that hashtag. (You can trust me on this, or you can go ahead and click #iamalibrarian.)

It follows, then, that you do not need to have any followers to tweet a hashtag and have it show up in the search results of someone who takes the time to search it.

Hashtags, then, make Twitter more democratic. People who take the time to search the hashtag find relevant tweets, even if it is from an account with zero followers. I have seen tweets from accounts with 30 followers get retweeted 5 times because they used the hashtag.


How can a regular hashtag make your Twitter experience more relevant ?

As the tweet says, many people use social media to get their news, but have you ever scrolled through your Twitter feed and been annoyed when you read what someone had for lunch?

Like any metadata or tags, people will only tweet with #iamalibrarian if they think the tweet is relevant to those who may search it. No one should ever be tweeting that they had a turkey sandwich for lunch and use this hashtag!


Final Words of Encouragement

What was the origin story of #iamalibrarian? It was started by @dawnafinch when she encouraged librarians to tweet what they did that day, and received a very strong response.

A small — but growing — community of librarians have followed up this flood of tweets with a steady drip … drip … drip of conversation via Twitter. The conversation is relevant and people truly interact with and support each other.

So … make tweeting with #iamalibrarian an interesting & joyous New Year’s Resolution!

  • A tip: after you search, click Latest to see all the tweets and not just what Twitter considers the most popular.*