5 Steps to Use Friday p.m. For Your Success!

We know how to use your Friday afternoon to be more inspired, motivated and successful next week. These tips also make you feel less stressed on Monday and be productive every day.

We recommend you to try one important exercise today and to repeat it every Friday p.m.

Step 1

Find 15–20 minutes in your schedule in the end of the day. It may be additional time — you won’t regret it. That’s why we publish our recommendations now — you will have time to prepare. Plan this time period to 3–4 Fridays in advance, for the beginning.

Step 2

Finish all your projects, close working files and put your papers in order, like you are going to leave an office. Sit down calmly and take your organizer book (or open a planning file on your working device — do what you used to do).

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