How to Give Your Best Product Presentation Ever

Your new product is ready to be represented in front of the whole world. But first of all, it’s worth to show it at least to a small part of your potential target audience or potential investors.

You are going to talk about your product to the people. You need to compose the text of the presentation, prepare slides and show your work to the audience. How to do it correctly? At first glance, it is very simple — tell about its benefits and everyone will decide to buy it. In practice, this happens very rarely, even if the product is very good. Therefore, it is important to have adequate expectations and prepare a high-quality presentation. How to do it better?

Do you know what mistake is most often made by people who present their new product to the public?

No, the mistake is not in using wrong words or too colorful slides (although this, of course, is also undesirable). The main problem is that most of us talk about how wonderful and amazing our product is, and it’s the best product in the world. We believe that these characteristics are enough for the audience to share with us our enthusiasm, and to immediately order a huge batch of our goods. In real life, this does not happen as usual. People are wary of everything new, they are conservative. And to make them try, it is necessary to get rid of old tactics.

Don’t follow wrong ways

You shouldn’t pressure on the public, forcing it to choose the product. Even if this happens once, such public will not become regular customers. You shouldn’t represent your product as an ideal solution, absolutely non-existing in the world, the best ever created — no one will believe this. Small shortcomings make any product more attractive comparing to ‘ideal’ one. Also you shouldn’t act hesitantly — hey, guys, maybe you’ll still have a little interest to look at my product, not to mention buying it? Oh, please!

Start with a checklist

Write down on paper who your target audience is — what gender and age they are, where and in what circumstances they live, what financial state, interests, habits, shortcomings, desires they have. What call to action will help them to respond to your idea? What problems will this particular audience solve with your product? What arguments should be used in order to be more convincing — what will they like and what will suit them exactly?

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