The Most Common Mistakes in Your Presentation

It is very important to check your speaking and non-verbal language skills, but the most common mistakes are being made in the specific presentation slides and in the ways of presenting them to the audience.

You — and everyone — can make critical presentation mistakes not only in your behavior, gestures or manner of speaking as we’ve said before. Today we are not going to talk about gestures, postures and even about speaker’s behavior. We’ll discuss the process of presenting: preparation, design, attitude and audience’s reaction. What are the most common mistakes in your presentation?

Overplaying with improvisation

You rely on your knowledge of the topic and your talent of storytelling. As the result, you neglect writing down the scenario and the schedule of your presentation. You expect that everything will go great by itself, but it doesn’t happen, with very rare exceptions. Do not expect that this time the presentation will be perfect just because you came there to perform. Sure, it is a good idea to improvise, but the actors say: “The best improvisation is a very good prepared improvisation”. Think about it. You should be prepared and have a plan. Improvise only when you control your timing and information outcome.

Presenting slides, not yourself

Remember — YOU are the presentation. Not your slides. It is normal if someone asks you to read a text that is written on a slide, but don’t continue reading. Your slides are helpers, additional benefits in your story and presentation. Slides should never replace your expression, your personality, your passion in the work you are doing. The presentation is made by the person, and then by the information. Allow your personality to shine, and no one will notice even a grammatical error on your slide (just kidding, better also to avoid it). The most deadly sin of a speaker is to read. Never ever read your slides!

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