Will They Do Our Job? Software Trends 2017

Modern technologies are developing incredibly fast. Sometimes it looks like the future is here, and we are really going to live and work among robots (like it was dreamed up by science-fiction writers in 70s).

Experts predict a widespread introduction of an artificial intelligence, virtual assistants and digital twins.

What about us? Will they do our job?

One of the first and most notable trends 2017 is the use of the artificial intelligence and machine learning in various fields of business. Artificial intelligence is already being applied not only by world IT leaders, but it works in small companies too. Artificial intelligence is used in cloud services by Google and Microsoft. Predictions say that this trend will deepen and expand tending to occupy as much as possible number of niches. In three years the market of artificial intelligence may increase more than to $5 billion.

New machine learning systems are trained to learn on the basis of external conditions, they can change their future behavior and become important intelligent assistants to humans. At the same time their functionality will be greatly expanded and modernized. The investments in such kinds of assistants will continue to grow rapidly.

Your computer will learn to think.

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