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I would never expect you to give him a chance. What I do ask of you and all media is to report accurately and fairly. Have there been red flags in some of the things he’s done? Absolutely. But, by how the media portrays it, you’d think the sky had already fallen. I don’t mind honest reporting; I do mind hyperbole.

As an example: Bannon saying that reporters should sit down and shut up is NOT restricting freedom of the press. It’s an off-the-cuff remark that is being treated as if it has the weight of law. Say it’s concerning — it is. But I know people who are taking that as far as saying he’s going to shut down Facebook and are working on a pony express type of news distribution.

You should definitely point out all red flags. Just call them red flags, not apocalyptic catastrophes. Hyperbole does nothing but undermine your (general “ you”) credibility. And that means that, if you turn out to be right, you might not have any ammo left. And then we’re all screwed.