Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

I’m so tired of the absolutism from both sides. This is not a binary issue. It’s a matter of people having different priorities and values. I think that what Trump said was despicable…but I don’t think it holds a candle to Benghazi and the emails. This is a less-of-two-evils election; just because people vote for a particular candidate doesn’t necessarily mean they agree with everything that candidate stands for; they may just think keeping the other candidate out of office is more important. I don’t love Trump. I don’t excuse or approve of his behavior. But I see his faults as being less relevant to the welfare of our country than Benghazi, emails, the Clinton Foundation, etc.

When you have a “vote against” rather than a “vote for” election, traditional paradigms no longer apply.

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