“T’was the Night Before Christmas” for Social Media

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T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the Twitterverse,

the trending hashtag was #TakingBetsOnWhoWillFallAsleepFirst.

Instagram, it seemed, was experiencing a riot.

(LinkedIn, though, was eerily quiet.)

The plate of cookies was on round 3, and the milk had been spiked with a touch of Jim Beam (plus a little coffee, just for the caffeine).

Occasionally was heard a whispered swear,

While social media was documenting all that parents bear.

(Trust me, not a platform was spared.)

From #GoToSleepAlready and #WhereTheHeckIsTheWine,”

To updates that proved it all turned out fine.

Because when the stockings were hung and the presents were wrapped, new hashtags begin trending and new photos were snapped.

When everything was done and Christmas Eve was just right, Twitter’s trending hashtag changed to #AndToAllAGoodNight.

Originally published at www.pattipodnar.com.