“Kwani wewe ni mhindi?” The first of the two folks went.

It was just after church. The usual shaking of phalanges before I yank out of the zone. I had my pendant on. My very innocent pendant. Am sure it doesn’t know how many times my heart beats. I doubt it even knows I have a heart. But it just dangles from my neck and rolls on my chest on days I feel the outfit needs a pendant.

The pendant is made of amber. Amber is a fossilized tree resin. Mine has both the amber and blue. People who have watched Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter or those who deal with stones can tell you about amber — if they are true fans. It has many myths (for today let’s call them beliefs) to its name. Those ancient folks believed it would help one get true and lasting love among other things.

“Hii Denoo ni nini?” the second guy interrogated.

“Ni pendant” I answered him.

“Aiiiiii! Wacha kizungu mingi” the first guy said. You know you are on top of things when a kuyu tells you wacha kizungu mingi. I bet the pendant was giving me absolute power these folks couldn’t comprehend.

“Ona no ngwire ici ni jata cigana” (I can even tell you the number of stars on this thing.) the second guy persists. I had not seen the Sunday Nation that morning. So in my mind I screamed ‘cut the chase bro, am a Scorpio’

“Hii kitu maana yake ni nini? Ilitengenezwa ifanye nini?”

At this point am silent. Am just listening to one speak in kuyu as the other one emphasizes in Swahili. Immediately I become a spirit. I start questioning one of them in my mind.

“When your phone was manufactured, what purpose was it commissioned for?”

Well, the debate came to an end.

“No tutikiri na uru. No kwaria yani” (we don’t have an issue. We are simply just saying). The second guy gave his closing remarks. Am still re-marking his pettifoggery.

Because someone was credulous, my beautiful pendant became a talisman. They were not the first people to have had such dogmas.

Everyone believes in something. For example, I believe in God and all that is in the Apostles Creed.

Sometimes back someone asked me, “Kwani wewe ni wale huamini sex kabla marriage ni sin?”
I leaned back a bit and rolled my eyes. I thought that was automatic! Just like those saved guys who believe it’s ok to sexually arouse each other. As long you two are born again and love each other. “Furthermore, am sure he/she is the one”

I used to believe that light skinned girls are the deal. Like if girls were to be called for a debate, the dark ones would appear on the 6:00 pm debate. The debate where girls drown in self-pity, calling themselves punda. The light skinned ones would be the one coming on the 8:00 pm debate. After everyone is home and showered. Phones fully charged with enough bundles and memes for ‘vile tunangoja malightskin pale ntv’. Two will show up before time but the third and final will even be given thirty minutes but no show. Just because the lightest of the three won’t show up, the two will ask for chairs. There’s no need to burn your feet in high heels yet the most beautiful lady was a no show. The lightest chic will then tweet “who gets ratings from debates?”

That was the belief I had until I got born again. But right now. I see a pretty dame and wonder what her name is. Before I even get there the question on my brain is, do you love the lord? Do you live to make him famous? I question my heart, examine my motives. Why am I captivated by the brown skin mocha diva, I hope in my mind she’s a believer. She’s got all the beauty, it’s obvious. But I can’t let it take precedence over Godliness.

What we believe in either sets us free or locks us up in the dungeon.

I don’t know if you have ever been in a mathree with or without loud music. Then there are those folks whom when called always answer, “wacha nitakupigia nkishuka gari sikuskii”. They never even say hello. I don’t mean the old ones. Just those that believe they can’t hear anything while they are in the mathree. I don’t know what psychologists would say though. But I think DJs answer calls when they are playing.

There are those who believe that the time to be woke and slaying is when one is young. So they are on road trips, guzzling liquor and going wild. They believe that those who stay at home have no life or they are just broke. Those that believe that one has all the time to enjoy life take it slow. They think those showing their thighs on Fridays at clubs are gullible. Chasing fool’s gold.

Most of us are dogmatic. Some believe to make it in life is to hit the 221M jackpot. We live in an era where I can’t hug a man or tell him I love him. I wonder what my son’s response will be. “Dad am straight!”

Whatever we believe in becomes the SI Unit of our lives. Meet a girl who thinks a man who is sturdy, dark and has a baritone voice is the ultimate man. Her heart will sink for the man with those three qualities even if he forgets to flush the toilet after use. It’s the same way with a couple that doesn’t fight. They pay Ipsos to say they are heading in the right direction.

Our beliefs are tenuous. We are sure of loving someone when we develop feelings for them. Consequently, we dump them when we no longer have feelings for them.

It’s the conundrum of a blustering poor luo and a rich gikuyu feigning to be broke. We believe that those showing their cleave-age to men who are past Stone Age are sluts. Those in long dresses and turtlenecks are the saints.

On Sunday I was with family. I don’t know how it started, but the topic was on caring less about people’s opinions. My aunt said she doesn’t give a hoot about how people interpret her actions. Her intention is what matters. Another person made his remark. He’s very born again. His father owns a joint. So there are days he gets a call from the dad to meet at the joint. He says at times he finds himself at the place with his bible on the counter. He’s not even aware of it. I think if you are still stuck with your beliefs (which am not here to change) you have your conclusions already.
You believe the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Or it’s just the earth rotating on its own axis. Whichever side you are on, makes sure it sets you free

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