I must start by saying that am born again.

At whatever level, everyone is born again including the LGBTI. Its only atheists who are yet to accept Christ. Am sorry to anyone who is not a Christian, this may leave you in the lobby unattended— it doesn’t miff to have information nonetheless.

God has offered everybody a chance, to yield their lives to him or to gain the whole world. Each choice has its consequences.

Giving my life to Christ first of all fortifies me with the Holy Spirit, my body becomes the temple of God. I have to be responsible in what I say and what I do. I should be righteous in my daily life, leaning on the word of God. That means I love my neighbor as I love myself and do unto other what I would love done to me. Basically to live a life that reflects Jesus to the world.

But does all these make me the perfect guy and the rest who are not saved imperfect? Am an Anglican and in our service there’s a point where we always confess our sins. “…If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. But if we confess, he’s faithful and just and will forgive us…” and we kneel to confess “eternal father, God of our ancestors. You marvelously made us in your image but we have corrupted ourselves and damaged your likeness by rejecting your love and hurting our neighbors. We have done wrong and neglected to do right…”

Jesus dying on the cross produced grace for us. Jesus paid the cost of sin on the cross, all we need to do is confess.

The mindset out there is that someone who is saved is not supposed to sin. Given that we have the Holy Spirit, we should walk worthy. This is true, but we all fall short. There has been a problem for the saved though. Am more righteous than someone else if I don’t commit a given sin — committing common sins like lying ‘niko almost’ ‘ndo natoka’

I have sinned, I can’t remember a day I have not. In fact I can’t account for a minute that I would be sure I didn’t do wrong. But I always go back to my father and confess. I ask him to help me prefer righteousness rather than just pursuing it.

Our vicar on Sunday was telling us of a story about his teen days. Other boys would tease him, knock him just to see his rejoinder after confessing his faith. Maybe they wanted to know him by his fruits.

Last Friday on The Trend, DK Kwenye Beat said he’s a changed man. He talked about how he was consumed by the limelight. Music became showbiz and God got some dark corner. DK is now a different man, thanks to the mighty hand of God which rescues.

We still have this kid Bahati and Willy Poze whom people have been faulting for producing music with secular artists. Their songs have also been termed not to be gospel. It would be hypocritical of us to throw shade on them. Make everyone know how much we don’t listen to them since Mpasho or ghafla said this or that. Especially the church, we should kick Larry Madowo out of the Front Row and go on our knees for them (pun intended).

My C.R.E teacher, Madam Gikonyo used to tell us, “Any question on what steps the church should take, your first answer should always be PRAYING”. Have you been praying? Enis and friends…?!

Sadly, the church has become a place for the holy and perfect. Days I used to do spokenword, I held and still hold that the church should be a host to sick people because the healthy ones should be out. Carrying their candles, lighting the world. Someone gets pregnant out of wedlock, they should be supported. Neither a congregant nor a pastor should not pull a Pombe Magufuli on her.

Sin is a no go zone, whether born again or not. We should not blame the devil or pop the common statement “No one is perfect”. Forgiveness should be sought from God and from our neighbors. We should keep our hearts clean, ready for the second coming of Christ.

The good book talks about grace abounding once we sin. But it goes on to ask whether we should continue sinning so that grace increases. Of course not!

Yee that are not saved, consider having a piece of Jesus.

This post is as it is. There is only one meaning.

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