We all believe in God, His ability to save and deliver us. Even those who don’t believe in the God of the good book still believe in something. We commit our beliefs to something because we believe it will bring us the satisfaction we desire — that we will call and someone or something shall answer.

Let’s delve into the God of the good book. The God the Old Testament would call I AM THAT I AM. Born again or not, we all conform to the fact that He created us and He’s the one who sustains us among other things. He has told us that He will be at our beck and call. David also says that in his life under the sun, he has not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread.

There are many gods, but we decide which of them becomes our God. After that we also have to decide whether that God becomes our Lord; to be subject to His authority or not.

Born again or not, we have our choices to make. Choices for which we have been granted infinite freedom — whether they in the favor of our God or not. In life I have learnt, it is situations that define people. That our character is contingent upon what we want and what is around us.

Personally I have been in ‘demanding’ situations. I went over and beyond the conduct that God has required of me to satisfy my desires. There are times we feel God has delayed a lot. Cometh the hour, cometh not the man. Situations have pushed us to be prejudiced even in our quoting of the bible. We want Him here and now.

I have seen people who have been through a lot of pain. They narrate how much they called on God. Calling a hundred times but two hundred times He didn’t answer. Someone said they don’t believe in God because He didn’t avail Himself when both his parents died. Orphanage made his life terrible. Sharing with him bitter stories is like selling matchsticks to the devil.

I have been through my own kind of pain, superior or inferior to what others have felt. About two weeks ago we had the rights of some people infringed upon. There was a cloud of rage from one section. A rage that made some of them get out of hand in terms of how they handled things. This didn’t exclude people I believed to be of infinite faith in God. There was also another section that was full gaiety. They didn’t care whether their eating of meat made their friends fall into sin.

It was a moment when subjects told their God that the situation was beyond His jurisdiction. When He tried to insist He was still in charge, they said He can go to hell. Am not sure they realized what they wanted but sure they told Jesus ‘Go hang!’

Our desires shows the servers upon which our faith is hosted. The forbidden fruit is sweetest. There are times we ‘need’ something so badly. We know it’s not right, actually we wouldn’t want people to know we do those things. They blemish our reputation but we do them anyway. We promise to repent afterwards. Go to church every Sunday and tithe even a tenth of every breathe He gives us. Furthermore, on application of the De Minimis Rule God would not concern Himself with small things.
‘It’s just this one time’ we say.

Things start going wrong when we start considering how far is far and how big is big. Using Kenyan proverbs like ‘Ndo mimi huyu’ and ‘Nko almost’. When we start saying that God is too great to associate with trifles. We think killing, stealing and prostitution are the benchmarks of all evil. The rest is glorified as petty and if someone attempts to tell us its wrong, God can go south! By law, a person’s right diminishes the minute they threaten the right of another person. The same way, God remains to be our Lord until He stands in the way of that which we desire most.

Maybe some would say its madness. Trusting in the same God time and again yet He never delivers. There is that group that doesn’t want to hear about it. Perhaps the irony of a club/pub complaining the church is making too much noise. It’s a pig wallowing in a mud guck. Comfortable!

I aver that, its utter abuse using people when they agree with us. Consequently hitting them below the belt when they don’t let us be. To be honest, God does not need us to get glorification. It’s not a favor we are doing Him. The reverse is true.

Playing by the rules has never been fun. Furthermore, rules are there to be broken. Maybe God is not convincing enough. We could say He couldn’t even sell matchsticks to the devil. Of course we have put Him at his place like a dude to the bro-zone.

Some hearts have not been endowed with the sight to see the beauty of grace. We can’t depend on others being wrong to validate our truth. He doesn’t lose because we don’t play for His side. It’s like waiting to have headline that reads ‘Thirst kills fish in the Atlantic’

God knows and has His place, it’s us who need shelter.

A moment of silence for my editor, Maina Wa Muturi
He left us on Sunday.

He was a great inspiration to the life of this blog.

May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

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