I don’t know what truth is for you. Some proffer that truth is what you make it be. Like some people’s favorite meals are based on how compatible they are with avocado.

I have not turned into a motivational speaker with ten riveting truths. Rather, 10 Ts of life as they like to frame their topics. However, am here with some staccato truths.

No one owes you anything

There’s a nascent melee of entitlement all over. The poor believe they are in want because the government has not done enough or simply because the rich are not helping. Lack of jobs is blamed on the government’s failure to create them. Some even blame corruption for their years of tarmacking (sic). Everyone is blaming someone for their misfortune. It’s not unfortunate that short people can’t change bulbs! If silver and gold was a prerogative given to all and sundry then the two would depreciate in worth. I don’t know a person who has not failed another, leave alone self.

The world does not owe us anything, we owe it all to the world. It is human nature to fall far from contentment both when in plenty and in want. When the ship sinks you don’t yell, ‘Help! I can’t swim!’ Get a life jacket and board a boat or float your way to the shore. We can’t blame two hydrogens and one oxygen for the effects of water. Blame someone for your silent skin tone; your CS, Mwangi Kiunjuri accented English; being born around Lake Olobolosat instead of the Gong Racecourse Waterfront. I will borrow from Juliani, life ni boxing hakuna sub, work with what you have.

Entrepreneurship is a motivational talk

I don’t mean to impugn entrepreneurship. In fact I regale myself with and in it. Am an ardent fan of business interviews in the Business Daily and across continents to Long Island among others (Am yet to apply for a passport) I have seen long texts on whatsapp groups narrating tales about how terrible guys in employment are doing. They demonstrate to you how after making numerous deductions one is left with 5k from a gross of 30k. It’s all based on unsupported assumptions. That you must incur transport costs, pay rent and that you didn’t have clothes before employment.

I would say entrepreneurship is a mannequin on display at Mr. Price. Sugar spice and everything nice. It’s a lineup of motivational stories. Mostly lies. They display the buttered side of the bread. The titles are really catchy. From starting capital of 100 shillings to a loan of 500 shillings. No one is telling us this giant has a hamartia. Guys are making losses but no one is publishing their stories (They are themselves persevering) Entrepreneurship is nice but it’s not for everybody. It’s also not a piece of cake. Rome was not built in a day, neither was Githurai.


Well, Trump is a BUM!

Am more concerned about ladies who use their sex to get what they want from men. Am not taking about prostitutes or women whose promotions are signed in bed. Am talking about those who use smiles to attract men into their shops. Let’s just say those who allow their sex to be used in business. I agree it’s good for business. The deal closes with a retainer. They don’t call that a sexist approach. Its business.

I don’t know where men go wrong when they use the woman’s sex to get favors. Don’t get me wrong. No man whatsoever, has a right to abuse a woman. But don’t women also send the wrong signal. If you are going to use your sex against me to hit your monthly target, why would I not use the same to my advantage? It would be true to say that women are better in the hospitality and health business. They possess inborn qualities that men don’t have such as gentleness. It would be mad for man to think a waitress needs a place to sleep simply because she is a lady. But the minute she uses her sex to get marks from a teacher, a pardon for being late— I don’t mean to justify— she is definitely sending wrong signals. A trained dog will attack if you come in over the wall. Learn to use the gate.

Money and joy.

Money can’t buy you happiness. True!

Money can buy you a ticket to Seychelles or Mauritius. It will give you a good house and comfortable mean machine. It can also buy you a ticket to Churchill show. You will also be saved from the frustration of downloads failing at 99% due to insufficient data or poor connection.

There is a tendency to look at people who are happy with a meagre net worth. Then there is the mantra, the rich don’t have abundance of joy.

Honestly, I don’t have money. Would I love to have it? Yes! Lots of it. But as a measure of effort and wealth not as a god.

Money is like a stick of cigarette in your mouth. It only kills you if you light it. A dollar does not guarantee permanent joy. However, we must appreciate the fact there are people who have lots of money and are very happy too. There are also people who don’t have any money and they are bereft of joy.


I don’t know why a man bites the dog when an underdog makes it. I don’t dispute that it’s really hard for an underdog to have the upper hand. Really hard. It like a ‘prophet’ telling you the world ends next month.

Prophet: The world is coming to an end next month

You: who said so?

Prophet: God said so…

You: Can you call him again? …and this time put him on loud speaker please.

There is every possibility that any man can make it in life—despite their background. I find no difference between rich success and poor success. Maybe you want to say, making it through challenges is tough and laudable. I agree. But at the end of the day, pesa ya mjengo, ya kupewa na ya teller yote ni pesa.

Even the rich cry. Looking at the current stats, lots of underdogs have made it in life. It’s a non-issue.
It is everyone’s right to realize their dreams. Some were born short, others just won’t add weight! There is no reason for failure!


You may have noted delays and miniature errors in my writing. As you know, we lost our editor. I don’t like the sound of it but we are looking for a new editor. So if you know anyone in the journalism world who is very willing and very interested, let us know. A perfectionist will be just perfect!

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