Ten Top Boxing Tips for Beginners

Boxing is a perfect full-body workout for girls and guys. Peter Olympiakaraa Lantouris from Knockout Fitness And Boxing Centre has given us his Ten Top Boxing Tips for Beginners:

1. Wrap your hands tightly to reduce movement in your wrist (but not too tight that cuts off circulation) go through fingers to keep your fingers separate and relaxed.

2. Stance, if your right handed stand with your left foot forward (orthodox) if your left handed stand with your right foot forward (southpaw).

3. Stance, if your foot is directly behind the other your balance will not be good, make sure u square up your stance while keeping your lead foot forward (visualize your on train tracks) with your lead foot forward.

4. Keep your Hands up, keep your chin down so you are able to cover from eyes down to as much of your torso as possible (don’t cover your eyesight) stand in your correct stance

5. Stay calm, stay relaxed and release tension from the shoulders.

6. When throwing lead hand punches always shift your weight to the rear foot, when throwing rear punches shift your weight to the lead foot.

7. With every punch you throw, make sure the whole side of your body is in motion (connect hand, shoulder, hips and foot to all rotate at the same time).

8. Snap the punches, and strictly return back to protect the face, don’t push through with the punch, and don’t over extend.

9. Use the momentum of your first punch to dictate your next punch and try follow your body movement.

10. Use your shoulder to hide behind every punch you throw while keeping your chin down for extra protection.

For more boxing and fitness tips check out Knock Out Fitness on Facebook.

Originally published at poeticgangster.com.

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