Love, love, love, love. At times, I wonder will I ever experience a love that last for all four seasons. This generation doesn’t know the true value of love, they don’t understand it’s quality over quantity, they don’t understand love travels beyond the surface layer. This generation glorifies being unfaithful to your partner, it glorifies having someone on the side, it glorifies appearance over looks. Am I saying looks don’t matter? I am not. Of course, looks is the first thing I notice, but it’s their mind that makes me stay. It’s not their popularity, their income/bank account, their follower count, their looks — it’s their mind, it’s who they are as a person, it’s how they treat me, it’s how they go after their dreams.

The true quality of love is lost. The thing that kills me, is you can accept someone as they are, you can be supportive of their dreams, you can treat them with kindness; yet, it seems your actions go unappreciated. If that’s not what a lover is, I don’t know what is. I pride myself on being a lover who is supportive, caring, open-minded, patient, loving, understanding, playful and most importantly someone who sticks it out through the thick and thin. At this point I feel, everything I give is never enough, never truly valued, never truly appreciated. You can’t have only ups in relationships, you have to have the bad. It can’t be all sunshine with no rain. Am I alone in this feeling? Am I only meant to love? And never be loved in return?

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