So Tired…

I can’t seem to fathom people these days. Lately, people have been so wishy washy-makes me want to pack up all my stuff and leave no trace behind. You become close to someone and then they act distant. Then they wanna come around when they want and need something. Why are people like this? I like to pride myself on treating others as they’d like to be treated, I like to pride myself on being open and honest with others. And when I do so or voice my thoughts, they get all wound up. I’m starting to believe most people just take advantage of my kindness. It’s making me grow a hard and cold heart. It took me a while to open my heart up again, but now it seems all of that has just gone to waste; it seems people like to waste my time. I am tired, mentally and emotionally. Why can’t people just be real and honest? At times, I feel I too should just begin to use people, take advantage of them, grow a cold ass heart and not feel anything anymore. I’ve grown so tired of feeling unappreciated. This world, this society, this generation is making me grow a cold and hard heart. When what I really want is to open my heart to another, trust people have good intentions, trust people I open up to accept me as I am, as I accept them for who they are.

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