Announcing our third focus area: Enterprise Technologies

Point72 Ventures
Oct 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re growing Point72 Ventures by adding a third team to focus on early stage enterprise technologies. We’re thrilled to share that David Dubick and Noah Carr have joined Point72 Ventures to cofound this team and lead our investments in this area.

Steve Cohen is an entrepreneur himself and he loves spending time around passionate founders. Point72 Ventures has made more than 40 investments already and has the balance sheet and flexibility to lead or participate in venture and growth-stage opportunities of any size.

When we considered what focus area to add to our existing fintech and artificial intelligence practices, we chose enterprise because of the changes we anticipate there and the help we can offer. As a large purchaser of enterprise technologies with a global network, we see how great technology empowers workers to perform their best. Point72’s technology buyers augment David and Noah’s network of enterprise IT buyers to provide the voice of the customer for early stage enterprise startups. Further, Point72’s leadership and visibility in the financial services community sends a strong signal when we choose to adopt a certain technology.

We were looking for two things when we set out to find the right people to build this new team: deep expertise in enterprise and a relentless passion to support entrepreneurs. We found both in David and Noah. Across their time at Lightspeed, Bain Capital Ventures, and DFJ, David and Noah had the opportunity to invest in and work with great enterprise companies like, Cylance, and DocuSign. What really stood out was their relationship with founders: Entrepreneurs they’d worked with consistently told us that Noah and David were some of the most knowledgeable, hardest working, and most helpful investors with whom they’ve ever partnered. These attributes align with our vision of building a founder friendly fund whose mission is to serve founders and help them grow their business.

David and Noah will initially be investing in four areas:

  • Cloud native infrastructure companies that will rebuild virtually every piece of infrastructure software for a hybrid IT world to make infrastructure nimbler and simpler to manage;
  • Cybersecurity companies that ensure that we keep personal information, people, and intellectual property safe without getting in the way of productivity;
  • Application layer companies that enable developers, business users, and IT to collect, analyze, and use data faster and more easily to fully leverage society’s digital transformation;
  • Companies building the infrastructure of the future, such as the Internet of Things, space launch, and the infrastructure for autonomous vehicles; which will create entirely new markets.

We welcome David and Noah and look forward to helping enterprise entrepreneurs build businesses that transform the global economy.

— Matthew Granade, Managing Partner, Point72 Ventures

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