Useless late-night thoughts

Maybe it is okay not to feel normal. However, what is normal? Is it possible to feel normal? Because I’d like to. I’d like to know what normal is. But, isn’t that a bit naive, childish, and mythical? I have a belief in myths. I want to believe humans can fly, I want to believe humans are not as cruel as I think. I want to believe in something. I am a child. I will be honest, but, because of my age, should i not be allowed a sense of freedom? A sense of the real world? I do not want cruelty, and I do not want to be sheltered. It is a terrifying hypocracy. I am terrified. To feel, to breathe, to live. Is this normality? Or is it me acting as a child? Because not a thing i think, and these are my thoughts, can tell me the truth, because i do not know anymore.

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