A Thank You Letter
Todd Hannula 🤓

Good beautiful morning, Todd… alto shared this with a few minutes ago and I will tell you what I told him: for the first time in a long while, the tears in my eyes weren’t born of sadness. Thank you for your words and support of the wonderful publication that Allan has built.

I’m lucky enough to be along for the ride, and to have connected with Allan and CROSSING GENRES The writing here is a gift; like you, I love to feel what others are experiencing, translating, sharing. From alto ‘s essays on family relationships, finding love again, and HIV, to Tim Barrus ‘s unflinching poetic essays, Sarah Doughty poems, pan ellington’s memoirs of her late mother, and her club kid days, to Dave Grigger ‘s prose and poetry and Emjay Em and Mirah Curzer’s often hilarious and always spot-on essays, and of course, Kristin, the Feral Crone ‘s take on just about everything. So many beautiful and unique voices, and such a pleasure to read and learn from on this journey.

Have an amazing day, Todd, and please accept my thanks for making me cry a few tears of happiness. It’s been a while.



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