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I love this in about 87,000 different ways. Love doesn’t have to wait for a partner to ‘get better’ or ‘get over’ a depressive episode. A person with depression is perfectly capable of healing and recovering while at the same time, falling in love. In fact, do the person recovering a favor, if you’re conflicted: Move on. Don’t stay but add a SHITTON of conditions that must be met in order to earn and keep your love. Don’t make it harder for them by saying yes and then no and then Wait I miss you..and if you do these things maybe it can work … oh no wait I really can’t

On second thought: yeah. Go ahead and do that. Because when the recovering person gets past you — and they will — they will be well enough to know what it is THEY are willing to put up with. And it sure as fuck isn’t going to be that bullshit.

Amirite? ❤️

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