Dear Ms. Thomas (you can and will choose to call me whatever you want, of course, but as you and I…
Traditional Tradesman

I’m going to be brief. Which is rather unlike me, but my head is about to explode due to the level of ugly in this unnecessary response. You are, without a doubt, a classic, entitled, narcissist who can not for one moment understand what it is like to be seen for your color first, your gender second, and only if you’re lucky, your personhood third. I imagine that breathing all that rarefied air at Yale and Harvard allows you to preach from on high. Or perhaps you sit in the echo chamber of other Yalies, Brownies, and Harvard boys that is your law firm, and just tell each other how fantastic the world would be if common folk simply tried a little harder. Truly. Your smugness is rather breathtaking.

Or, perhaps it’s not smugness, it’s simply bitterness. What’s wrong, Skadden Arps pass you over?

Now, don’t you have a financial institution, fund, or institutional investor to represent in court?

Shoo, angry, little, white man. Shoo.

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