This story made me sad.
Leah Stella Stephens

I’m sure you know that it isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about me trying to make space for both of us, so that there remains love between us. I love E. And I know she loves me. But we are in a space that is not healthy for either of us. She is going through something, not just teen angst, but she won’t share with me. I do think part of it is that she is afraid that she will struggle with depression; that I will too closely read her, and it’s not something she wants to hear. I cannot stay if she won’t let me in and chooses to lash out instead. She needs to deal with whatever she is dealing with, with help. And I don’t think I’m much help right now. She’s made it clear she wants me gone, in space. She’s too old for me to put the hammer down, If that makes sense. I called a couple of therapists yesterday for her, and I’m waiting to hear back. And there is the issue of my own mental health. I am recovering from a major bout of clinical depression. I simply cannot hear things like “move out” and “kill yourself” from the person I love most in the world. So yes. It’s probably a bit of selfish self-preservation. And I’m perfectly ok with that.

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