[RPGXP] Pokemon Indigo Adventure Completed — Play as Turtwig and Save your friends — Pokemoner.com

[RPGXP] Pokemon Indigo Adventure Completed — Play as Turtwig and Save your friends — Pokemoner.com

RPGXP/PC Game: Download Pokemon Indigo Adventure Completed by Lord Lucario 35 (Fuzz) on Pokemoner.com

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🤜Source — credit about Pokemon Indigo Adventure at Lord Lucario 35’s Channel: https://pkmner.com/i49bm
Pokemon Indigo Adventure is a RPGXP Game, you just play on PC. It’s created by Lucario 35 (Fuzz) on Pokemoner.com with completed version. The Story is your home is attacked by on one other then TEAM ROCKET. In this game you go around and try to save your friends from them will you succeed who knows.

Features: Play as a pokemon
New move for Turtwig
Better style trainers

Complete version heres a tip don’t use the revives u receive save them for final battle

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Computer specs:
CPU: Ryzen 7 1700
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070

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