Cortex feat. The Rap Game

I think back and it had to be 2011 — I was a junior in high school — when I’d first listened to Cortex. Lots of hastily rolled spliffs were smoked to this music in my bedroom closet. After becoming long enough acquainted (this was, to a point, ritual for me) with their music I noticed that the same haunting wails I’d heard on Troupeau Bleu were on a Wiz Khalifa song; and then the aforementioned was the same song sampled for an MF DOOM song. That got my mind vexed. Through the years, rappers have sampled the French jazz-funk group (mostly, namely, their masterpiece debut album Troupeau Bleu) with varying results. These are a few songs that I believe do the samples they utilize justice.

Loco / MellowHype (2010)

Samples: Chanson d’un Jour d’Hiver

Dropped in 2010 for free on the Odd Future Tumblr, Left Brain and Hodgy Beats offer up that Wolf Gang sound that originally endeared listeners.

Mighty Morphin Foreskin / Captain Murphy (2012)

Samples: Sabbat (Pt.1–3)

This album was so infectious when it first came out. I remember everyone being in a clamor to find out who Captain Murphy truly was before his Flying Lotus alter ego was revealed. This song is top notch and the Street Fighter sample at 1:01 will forever bring a smirk to my face.

Aztec Blue ft. Hologram / Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild (2014)

Samples: Huit Octobre 1971

Personally on Troupeau Bleu, Huit Octobre 1971 is my favorite standalone track. It’s potential for rap beats is clearly felt across the board. From Tyler, the Creator to Wiz Khalifa to even Charles Hamilton — Though Lauren’s take on it with the boom bap production backing is a nice touch.

Put Down The Flags / Lil B (2012)

Samples: Troupeau Bleu

“Keep it humble, my suitcase full of paper” and the rest is flame emojis until the character limit runs out.

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