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Last March, the tournament directors of Manila came together with PokerCast Asia to show us the human side beneath the iron-fisted enforcers of poker, the Marshals of the Felt.

Let’s face it — no matter where we come from, we gather ‘round this scene for the common love of a few great things: Money. Fame. Adrenaline. Power. And, of course, Poker.

But what’s rarely seen by both newbies and outsiders alike is how all of us here in the industry have a genuine interest in people, and this is what our project is all about. This love for meeting new faces and being with different kinds of people is especially true with our poker tournament directors, and it’s what we’ll be featuring this month of April with Marshals of the Felt.

The Tournament Directors Line-Up

We’ll take you behind the scenes of poker tournaments as we get up close and personal with the tournament directors responsible for making all the tough calls for the sake of the game on a day-to-day basis:

We scouted the newly-opened Midas Poker Room, where we got to know the noble professional thrust of the steadfast Ronald Mendoza;

We journeyed to the splendour of old Manila as we listened to The Asian Poker Tour’s ever-formidable Raymund Gamier a.k.a. Papa Bear on his calls for a poker revolution to fan the waning flames of the game;

We traveled to the far north, where we were enchanted by the ravishing Mylene Advincula as she revealed her arsenal in managing the mighty machinery that is The Metro Card Club;

We trekked to Manila’s very own Las Vegas District to discover the power of Odeck’s magic hand at a tournament table in Poker King Club;

We explored the local scene with Let’s All In, where we encountered a starry-eyed romantic and a dedicated family woman beneath the strict Janice Mari;

We did all this and more as we put the spotlight on the people we call whenever things get rough.

And man, did this open our eyes to the challenges of poker tournaments. After all, who better teach us a thing or two about the tricks of the trade than these Marshals of the Felt, right? They practically live and breathe this stuff on a daily basis! So watch and learn, folks. Maybe you’ll find more ways to improve your game. Just remember that at the end of the day, no matter the patch or color we wear, the amount of cashes we’ve won and lost, or the number of busts we give and receive, we’re all humans of poker in love with the same great things in life, cards cut from the same deck.

And our Marshals of the Felt are exactly the same.

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