7 Sure Ways to Prepare for Christmas in 2017

The winter holidays are coming and it’s best to start early with the Christmas preparations, especially if you’ll be expecting a big family company on the 25th of December.

So, here is how to prepare for Christmas in a gradual and non-stressful way.

#1. Spend Some Time on Seasonal Cooking

Image source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/val-bisharat/the-simple-guide-to-cooki_b_5965764.html

Food and cooking are some of the most important things in human history. Even in prehistoric times, the fact that a bunch of people cooked and then sat together on a table to eat the fruit of their work, was the reason our civilization evolved.

That’s why, you should take the seasonal Christmas cooking very seriously. There are always the traditional meals and drinks that should always exist on the table, like a Christmas cake, or eggnog, but if you feel like it, you might prepare something unconventional for a change.

Even a better idea: have somebody in your family help you with the cooking. What better way to share some quality time together?

#2. Decorate the House

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The best decoration for Christmas is snow. Unfortunately, snow doesn’t grace us every December. But even if it doesn’t this year, we could always spray the windows with artificial frost, or glue paper snowflakes on every flat surface.

Christmas lights are a must as well, if only for the sole purpose of leaving only them on after night falls and bask in the romantic atmosphere.

And, of course nothing can compare with the centre of holiday attention — a well decorated Christmas tree. Real and artificial trees can be bought from many places in London. Christmas tree delivery is also very popular, especially those coming from professional gardening services.

#3. Make a Playlist of Christmas Music

Image source:http://www.gatherandfeast.com/resources/christmas-music-playlist

There isn’t anything that says Christmas better than the right holiday music. No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s cooking, decorating, playing board games, or just walking alone on the street with earphones, the best seasonal songs will lift your spirit and make your whole family cheer.

From classics like “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night”, to the modern Christmas songs by Mariah Carey and Madonna. Have the right music playing and the whole household will be in the right holiday mood.

#4. Make a Playlist of Christmas Specials

Just like with the music playlist, you should make a list of all the seasonal movies you’d love to watch with your family.

First, count how many movie nights you can squeeze within your Christmas vacation. Those should also be nights when the entire family is free and ready to enjoy themselves without being distracted by work or other urgent matters.

Then, choose together from a list such as this one on IMDb. There is so many of them to choose from you might feel overwhelmed.

#5. Wrap the Presents

Image source: http://humanepursuits.com/why-my-son-isnt-getting-enough-christmas-presents-this-year/

Another very important part to prepare for, especially if you have kids in the house. The presents should be purchased at least a few weeks early. That is, if you’d prefer to avoid the huge crowds in the shops.

But even if you’re in the peak of buying presents, you can always shop online.

Once everything is delivered, it’s time to wrap in jolly colourful wrapping paper and ribbons. Don’t be stingy with the colourful wrapping paper. Even better. You can invite others to wrap the presents together and make it even more fun. You may have to do something similar with your co-workers.

#6. Organise the Party

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Christmas is a family holiday, so many families come together, after a long year of separation. Or, this is only a holiday for your household right here, right now. Or, you prefer to include not just your family, but your friends and neighbours as well, make it into something huge. Or, just break the tradition and use your time and money for a vacation getaway.

Either way, make this holiday into a party with lots of champagne.

#7. Appreciate the Christmas Spirit

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No matter where and how you celebrate the winter holidays, always remember why the 25th of December exists in our calendars. It’s one day of the year when we should all appreciate the good will and kindness we were given and extend it to everyone else, no matter the relation, and no matter the distance.

Have a great Christmas Holiday!!!