How to Grow Creeping Thyme

Pol Bishop

The creeping thyme is a great plant to cover ground. It is low growing herbaceous perennial, which brings joy to the home garden and it is surely recommended by the most of the professional garden designers. The scientific name of the plant is Thymus praecox “Albiflorus”. You can easily recognize it by its dark green leaves and the tiny rose-purple flowers, which appear in the late spring. If you have decided to grow creeping thyme, then let me show you a several easy steps to grow it the right way.

First of all, choose the planting site in your garden. The area should receive full sun, but you can afford partial shade from time to time. Also make sure that the soil in the spot is well-drained. When you have a good planting place ready, dig deep holes for the plant. You can find creeping thyme usually as plugs in plastic flats. Make sure to fit the plug in the hole perfectly, so you’d better dig after you purchase them. Anyway, you can also consult with the staff in the gardening store. I am sure that they will explain to you the best way to handle the planting.

creeping thyme in its beauty

Now when you have everything prepared, start with the planting process. Remove the plant from container and place it in the hole. Be careful and place the plant straight, then fill the hole with its original soil. Don’t forget to make a small mound of dirt around the creeping thyme. Water the transplant thoroughly when you finish. Add a slightly thin layer of mulch around your new planting area. If your creeping thyme has been placed in a rock garden or between steppers, you won’t need mulching. However, follow the advise of the pros in garden maintenance from London and prioritize planting in soil with good drainage. Creeping thyme may suffer from fungal disease or root rot, if the soil is too wet.

This plant is a perfect ground cover for stone walls, rock gardens, stepper stones or pathways. It will surely give your home or yard a unique appearance. Creeping thyme doesn't need any special care, so you can leave it and inspect it in several weeks.

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