What is behind your name?


To prevent inbreeding we started giving everyone sur-names. Then put the Sir (Knight) in front.

Son — Johnson is son of John. Some only had one (Christian [Baptism]) name they turned this into their last name.

Other places do this also

Afghanistan is like IreLAND Afgan land. RussIA.

McDonald — Irish for son of Donald.

Yes Americas biggest legacy in the world. An Irish lad son of Donald trying to sell his potatoes (Fries).

Ó MAC Mc — Irish for son of

Lopez — Spanish for Son of Lope

Bloomberg — Jewish for son of Bloom

Mohammed Khan — Islam for son of god.

Some did not have a name at all. Those with limited vocabularies.

Trade[r] — Some are named after their job. (Black) Smith, Baker, Fisher and Painter. Brewer and Field are more modern US examples.

Smith & Wesson — A smith who makes guns and Wes son who sells them.

Hooker names [T]racey anything with “love” in it.

Some named after where they where conceived. Bush, Tree in the Moss.

There are probably a lot of Smith’s because they never went to war had areas full of women while the other men are off fighting many who did not return.

Location — Ton is Town. Washington is a washing town. Hill lives on a hill. Hilton would be Town on a hill. Brooke (River / Stream)

Descriptive — Brown, short or tall. Some are sarcastic. Little John for a big guy.

SCHUL — Germany “mayor, judge”.

SCHMIDT — Germany Smith / Shit

I went through the most common last names in the US.

The only ones of interest

Grant = Norman French meaning “grand, tall, large, great”

WALSH = Which mans Welsh (From Wales UK)

PAYNE = Irish / Scottish villager, rustic, heathen / Not religious (The word pain came from them not the other way around.)

COHEN = Jewish priest. It originally denoted one of the priestly tribe of Levi. (Who now make jeans.)

SULLIVAN = Irish for “little dark eye”.

Jensen — Son of Jen (No father)

There is more the length of your name is important. The longer your name the smarter you are.

How long are the names of your friends? Do you tend not to like people with short names (Because they are stupid)

Middle names are often short. You are given two names so you can use the second if you don’t like the first.

If your parents have “named you wrong” you’re all screwed.

Famous people often change their name to make them shorter or more catchy.

I have a long name. I don’t like when people shorten it or try to nick name me.

In Game of Thrones on the wall Master is called mas-ter because not everyone can say the full word with out splitting it.

Since I’ve moved back to the UK I’ve lost the ability to use 4 syllable words. I get complaints when I use 3 syllable words. I actually think I am less intelligent from lack of stimulation.

Migrants tend to change their names to white ones.

On arriving to Elis island migrants were given names by area and where they arrived. Carlos (Charlie) Hudson (River) from what ever their Spanish name is.

The statue of liberty a gift from France you are free from the monarchy. Most of them like Australia criminals. Funny how they now call us Eurotrash.

If you give an idiot a long name. They will either shorten it. Alexandra becomes Alex or Ale. Or use a nick name. They will also do this to others. Or just not use your name.

It not just your name your religion, height, Eye and hair color say things about you and where you are from (Your Breed). Sometimes even your trade. Tan is a big one in the 3rd world people that can afford shade are lighter being fat (Can afford food) is a sign of wealth in the US bad health. The other extreme reversal ghost white people are inbred this is too keep them inside or they turn red. Those who wear shades do so because the sun hurts their eyes. People won’t like these why those on TV started spraying themselves orange.

Who rules the kingdoms of Westeros? The blonde haired blue eyed ones with the longest last name. The short last names don’t even want the job. Notice how the Tyrell(6) tried to change into Baratheon(9) when that was not possible Lanister(8).

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