Polar Sync — January Update ❄️


  • New branding, logo, and website 🚀
  • Full development team announced 👨‍💻
  • Focus on Ethereum network ⚡️
  • Prototype & benchmark testing 📈

New Branding, Logo, and Website

We have performed a complete revamp of the Polar Sync branding, starting with the logo. Our original logo was a great start but we wanted to make it even better. The fox remains our mascot and has undergone a new modern design that fits in much better with our company vision.

Polar Sync new logo and branding

The upgraded Polar Sync website was also recently launched this month which takes the same design principles and modern branding from the new logo to organize the content around the Polar Sync project. If you haven’t checked it out yet now is the time 👉 https://polarsync.app/

Full development team announced

Our product relies heavily on tech and therefore it will always be our core focus to employ a very strong engineering team to support powerful innovation in the field. Our full time engineering team now consists of: 1 CTO, 1 Senior Rust Engineer, 2 Rust engineers, 1 Blockchain Engineer, 2 Dev Ops

👉 We have more job opportunities here which you can check out at, https://polarsync.breezy.hr/

Focus on Ethereum network

You can view the full article with a better breakdown of this decision here, https://medium.com/@Polar_Sync/dev-update-leaving-bsc-b2124ac3608a

For now we have decided to switch from BSC to ETH for our initial software prototyping. Our development team has found that ETH, overall, provides a better infrastructure for us to continue building. This is not a permanent decision. We will continue expand our team to innovate unique solutions that will allow us to provide solutions on BSC network as well.

We will continue to diligently work on the underlying software of Polar Sync on Ethereum network for now. We have found Ethereum is much more stable and reliable for us to make substantially more progress without network roadblocks holding us back the entire time.

Prototype & benchmark testing

uniswap.info website analytics

Our full sync of UniSwap subgraph on Ethereum network is scheduled to be complete this month, as we finalize several key infrastructure pieces on our indexing software. Once these results are returned we will perform a speed comparison test against The Graph’s software. From our current work and testing so far, we expect there to be a very large performance improvement. 💪

👉 Stay updated on Twitter, @polar_sync!
👉 Join Telegram to join the discussion, https://t.me/PolarSync




Polar Sync

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