The Russia investigation has taken so many twists and turns that it’s easy to lose track. For many, a forgotten chapter popped up during the election when then-candidate Trump accused Hillary Clinton of backing a controversial deal based on Russian support for the Clinton Foundation, these allegations first surfaced in the Peter Schweitzer book Clinton Cash.

The 2010 deal allowed Russian controlled nuclear company Rosatom to purchase Canadian-owned mining company Uranium One. Although Uranium One was based in Canada, the company owned multiple mines in the western US. The sale resulted in Russia controlling approximately 20% of the United States’ uranium production. The government entity that approved the deal was the Committee on Foreign Investment In The United States which included then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Former Attorney General Eric Holder. Clinton backed the sale (which was unanimously approved) despite Russia having paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clintons through speaking fees to Former President Bill Clinton and donations to the Clinton Foundation.

On Wednesday The Hill dropped a bombshell report which cited interviews and government documents revealing that the FBI had evidence as early as 2009 that Russia had engaged in bribery, and money laundering in order to compromise an American uranium trucking company. The article raises serious questions about how the Uranium One deal was approved amidst an ongoing criminal investigation.

In response to The Hill report, Senator Chuck Grassley has launched a Senate Judiciary Committee probe into the deal and whether there were any conflicts that led to the sale’s approval and whether involved agencies were aware of the FBI investigation. At a hearing on the Russia investigation Senator Grassley questioned Attorney General Jeff Sessions about his concerns, Sessions said the Justice Department would take the “appropriate” actions but would not comment if there was an ongoing investigation into the matter.

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