Defending Hillary Clinton and ‘What Happened’
Sam Shenton

Without being hateful or nasty, I wish she could have been more honest to the American people. And I hope some day she can find some kind of moral compass and try to make amends for what she’s been involved with. You can’t live like that and not have backlash. Whether you want to believe she’s a victim of some vast right-wing conspiracy or not, the American people were saying “no more of this.” I listened to all the insiders, whistleblowers, read the content of what was in Wikileaks, and some of her own testimony. In my opinion I think she’s guilty of many things, but I’m not going to debate this with anyone because it goes nowhere. This is what I see. I would love to see it proven wrong but I don’t see that. Even still, I felt somewhat sympathetic for her when her life-long dream had been shattered. It’s really sad to see anyone lose their dreams, even those we are against. I wish she could have turned away from fear, negative outlooks/behaviors so she could have had those dreams. But now that she lost them I see she’s putting the blame on everyone but herself. Its sad any time a human being is defeated, whether in their life dreams or in their coping mechanisms. I hope she can find some kind of resolution and come to terms with life and find her sense of accountability.

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